Harry and Meghan’s Baby Already Has A Name – Earl

There is much breathless anticipation over the naming of Harry and Meghan’s – more correctly, the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk – new baby boy. Which is odd for, as we reported a time back, we already know what the young one’s name is/will be. For he will be Earl of Dumbarton. As is between usual and likely for the first son of a Duke. True, could have been Marquis and Viscount is also theoretically possible,

But the point is we already know:

Meghan’s Baby Will Be Earl Of Dumbarton – Or Lady X – Not A Prince Or Princess

We knew that near a month ago.…

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Your Cat’s Not Stupid Nor Deaf , It Doesn’t Care – Scientific Proof

That when you call a cat it simply doesn’t arrive, when you call a dog it does, is entirely true. This could be because cats are deaf, because they’re stupid even. In fact, it turns out that they just don’t care. You and your desires aren’t enough to get it to move. And yes, we do think that it knows its name, that it recognises being called. That it doesn’t then come is a result of its disdain, nothing else:

Cats know when you’re calling them — they just don’t care

So, that explains that and who could argue with the newspaper?…

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