Harry and Meghan’s Baby Already Has A Name – Earl


There is much breathless anticipation over the naming of Harry and Meghan’s – more correctly, the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk – new baby boy. Which is odd for, as we reported a time back, we already know what the young one’s name is/will be. For he will be Earl of Dumbarton. As is between usual and likely for the first son of a Duke. True, could have been Marquis and Viscount is also theoretically possible,

But the point is we already know:

Meghan’s Baby Will Be Earl Of Dumbarton – Or Lady X – Not A Prince Or Princess

We knew that near a month ago.

The low-key plans in part reflect the status of Baby Sussex, who will be seventh in line to the throne. He or she will not have an automatic HRH title, being known as the Earl of Dumbarton if a boy, and Lady [firstname] Mountbatten-Windsor if a girl.

Now, who is going to go explain to the dimmer end of the US TV universe – not a small sector – that Earl isn’t to be used as a first or christian name? He’s “Dumbarton” not “Earl”?

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