Labour’s Price Trick With Nationalising Electricity And Gas Networks

That the Labour Party wants to renationalise the electricity and gas networks is true. That the Labour Party is insane is true. Even, that the Labour Party is insane to want to renationalise the electricity and gas networks.

Yes, yes, the argument is that only in public ownership can we make sure that they deliver public goods. But that’s not actually the way to gain those things. We actually would rather – in fact we should insist – that the people defining and enforcing the delivery of those public goods aren’t the same people as those making the profit.…

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Sure, Why Not Nationalise GP Surgeries Into The NHS?

That a Labour MP wants to nationalise more of the British health care system shouldn’t come as a surprise. All within the state, nothing outside it, the impetus for the National Health Service is indeed Mussolini’s fascism brought to post-war life again. And we should let him do this too. As long as we force him to stick to one of the promises he’s making:

But it isn’t perfect. As data published this week shows, patient demand for general practice services is increasing while the number of GPs is actually falling – according to the survey, one in 10 GPs are in contact with 60 or more patients a day, which is double the safe limit.

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Owen Jones Thinks Saudi Aramco Will Pump More Oil After Privatisation

Owen Jones’ latest mind burbling is that if only we nationalised the oil companies then climate change would be solved. Because wise government would be able to direct activities to the result that we don’t boil Flipper in the vapour of that last remaining ice floe. A contention to which the correct answer is you what you dribbling idiot?

Or, to be less flagrantly objectionable about it, anyone ever told Owen that it is state owned oil companies which pump the most oil?…

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Can’t People Learn? Nationalise The Housing In Berlin?

An interesting little example of how short human memory can be. Anyone going to Berlin in 1989 and looking east from the Brandenburg Gate would have muttered something about perhaps government ownership of everything being not quite the very bestest of ideas. As someone who then lived in Russian housing of the time I would concur.

So, what are they shouting about now?

Support is growing for a referendum on whether to ban large landlords from the German capital and turn their property into social housing stock When Berliners take to the streets on Saturday to protest against rising rents, 77-year-old Barbara von Boroviczeny will be right at the front.

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Stealing Franco’s Palace Isn’t The Way To Celebrate Freedom And Liberty

Stealing Franco’s Palace just isn’t the way to celebrate the return of freedom and liberty to Spain. Given that, you know, property rights are one of the very foundation stones of the concepts of freedom and liberty. But this is what is being suggested by certain of the Iberian cousins. In an almost macabre replay of those arguments of the Spanish Civil War itself.

We’d note that neither side actually won that war in 1939. Sure, we can say that the Nationalists conquered the country and held power for some decades, but the real winners were in the 1970s, when liberty and freedom once again emerged.…

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