Don’t Restore Notre Dame, Worship Gaia Instead Of God

A useful entry into the competition to prove that the expansion of the universities was a bad idea. We should not repair Notre Dame. Because, you see, the damage to the environment that is climate change and the like was caused by Christian countries. Thus leave the ruin as a symbol of our shame at the actions of the past in harming Gaia.

Or summat like that:

Notre Dame should not be restored – let it stand as a symbol of a flawed way of life

Since the night that Notre Dame was devastated in a fire, most people have assumed that the Gothic cathedral at the centre of Paris should be lovingly restored – and more than a billion euros have been pledged towards restoration.…

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If We Can Raise A Ridiculous Amount To Rebuild Notre Dame Why Can’t The Same Be Done For Poverty Around Whe World?

A question asked at Quora. And answered:

Around € 1 billion has been pledged to rebuild Notre Dame. There are around 700 million people in the world still in absolute poverty. Absolute poverty being, using the World Bank definition, living on less than $1.90 per person per day.

So, we’ve got what, €1.30 (by eyeball, no calculator used) per person, once only, to alleviate that absolute poverty? Not going to make that much difference.

Oh, and we already spend much more than 100 times that every year anyway.…

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Old Church Worth More Than 200 Actual People To Rich Donors

So far ultra wealthy individuals have donated getting on for 1 billion Euros in re Notre Dame. Clearly a lot of very wealthy people want to use some of their resources to rebuild a church rather than do other things they think are less important. That is their choice and their right as owners of the wealth. In economic terms they are optimising their satisfaction by spending it this way rather than that.

Not everyone feels the same way about old buildings vs, arbitrarily, starving children.…

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Parliament Will Burn Like Notre Dame Only If We Have Something To Do With It

We are warned today that the Houses of Parliament could go up in flames, burn to the ground, as Notre Dame did. To which the correct response is only if we get to have something to do with it matey. For viewing the politicians’ treatment of the clearly expressed will of the people over Brexit does indeed lead to the thought that the place needs a damn good scouring with flames.

Yes, ever such a little bit intemperate but then rhetorical passions and all that:

UK parliament could suffer same fate as Notre Dame, warn MPs
Palace of Westminster caught fire 40 times between 2008 and 2012

Or perhaps there is no problem there.…

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Quasimodo Singed, Esmeralda Missing As Notre Dame In Flames

Notre Dame Cathedral has gone up in flames, bringing down the roof and the spire. Varied potential jokes present themselves in embryo – Quasimodo didn’t leave the building for that post-coital puff after finally gaining Esmeralda maybe. God has an issue with Macron’s perversions over Brexit perhaps.

The truth is through this isn’t a tragedy. There are no reports of loss of life as yet, near a miracle for a building of that size going up.…

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