Fat Girls Are Kinkier

From The Guardian’s column where people reveal bits and bobs about their sex lives:

My life in sex: ‘I’ve been told that, as a fat girl, I should be grateful for attention’

Well, yes and no, yes and no.

Since I started dating in 2015, I’ve been flashed, stood up, verbally abused and generally used as a replacement for masturbation. I’ve lost count of how often I’ve been ghosted – both before and after sex.

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This Isn’t, Contrary To The Claim, Proof That Ultra Processed Foods Cause Weight Gain

Apparently new research shows that ultra-processed foods do indeed cause weight gain. This is not what the study has shown, not at all. Rather, that an extra 500 calories a day will lead to about a pound a week in weight gain. Which is just about what we thought when we started anyway. What the study does claim to show is that eating ultra-processed foods leads to eating an extra 500 calories a day. That is indeed and entirely different claim.

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Ever So Slightly Misleading Research Into Obesity And Rising Cancer Rates

Apparently the young are all dying of cancer because they’re all so damn fat. That’s the conclusion to draw from this latest research – the young are showing disturbing incidences of obesity related cancers. Sadly, there’s a logical error here. Or at least a potential logical error. We don’t actually know that the cancers are being caused by obesity. Could be something else. Might, just to invent some reasons, be sugar consumption, lack of exercise or the existence of Simon Cowell.…

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The One True Method Of Beating Obesity – Turn Off The Central Heating

We’ve a quite lovely revival of the most paranoid theory concerning why we’re all so damn fat these days. Obesity is caused by the capitalists deliberately making us fat. No, really, they make unhealthy food, advertise it to us, get us to eat it, we all become fat and they laugh all the way to the bank:

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Extraordinary Popular Delusions – Pizzas, By Law, Must Contain 928 Calories Or Less

We have in fact performed this experiment. We generally call it the 20th century. It is not possible for us – or any subgroup of us – to successfully plan the economy according to our desires. We can indeed manage to entirely screw it up by trying, possibly nudge it mildly in one direction or another by pressures upon the tiller of state – interest rates, say, fiscal deficits. But detailed planning of who does what, where, for how much and whereby, no, we’ve shown this does work.…

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If A Fat Tax Upon Sugar, Why Not On Clothes For Landwhales?

It can be difficult to catch up with what it is that we’re all supposed to be doing, so contradictory are the claims being made. For example, we’re told that obesity is the very devil of our age and that it will consume the entire NHS unless something is done about it. This is wrong, of course, as fatty lardbuckets pop earlier thereby reducing their costs to the NHS and the taxpayer. But still, that’s the argument made.…

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Wait A Minute, Should We Be Stopping Obesity Or Fat Shaming?

Keeping up with what we’re supposed to be against is somewhat exhausting in this modern world. It’s as if who the Two Minute Hate is about changes from East Asia to someone else every day or two. For example, a year back we had that ad campaign above. In reality it was just a superb bit of media trolling. Print a few posters, run the smallest campaign you can in the Underground, watch as the Twitterati, followed by the national media, broadcast your message to the nation.…

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Oooooh, Yes, Make Obesity A Protected Status, Puhleeeze

We have an interesting proposal this morning. That obesity should become a protected status under the Disability Act and similar laws. To which we should say oooooh, yes puhleeeze! For if we were to do this then all of what is done to reduce obesity would become illegal, wouldn’t it?

Well, logically so, at least. Taxing sugar to stop people being obese would not be right if it were also true that being obese were a protected status against which we cannot and should not discriminate.…

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Is It Fat Shaming To Be Concerned About Child Obesity?

That child obesity isn’t what we’re told it is is true. Chris Snowdon has shown that quite conclusively.

I show some more credible evidence and argue that the true rate of obesity among children in this age group is closer to one in twenty, not one in five. Indeed, it could easily be one in fifty.

The point being that:

I argued last month that Britain’s childhood obesity statistics are worthless. They are based on an unjustifiable assumption about the scale of child obesity in 1990 and that error has plagued every subsequent measurement.

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Solve Britain’s Obesity Crisis – Elect Jeremy Corbyn!

Not that we’re all that surprised, given the source, but there’s a gargantually stupid suggestion from Janet Street Porter today. We should solve Britain’s obesity crisis by reintroducing food rationing. All the way back to World War Two levels in fact. The stupidity coming in two forms of course, for Street Porter isn’t bright enough to only be stupid in one manner. The first is that we’ve not got a set of submarines, E-boats and bombers out there trying to limit the flow of food into the country.…

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