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Solve Britain’s Obesity Crisis – Elect Jeremy Corbyn!

Not that we’re all that surprised, given the source, but there’s a gargantually stupid suggestion from Janet Street Porter today. We should solve Britain’s obesity crisis by reintroducing food rationing. All the way back to World War Two levels in fact. The stupidity coming in two forms of course, for Street Porter isn’t bright enough to only be stupid in one manner. The first is that we’ve not got a set of submarines, E-boats and bombers out there trying to limit the flow of food into the country. In fact, for another year at least, we’re part of a socio-economic system which insists that we cannot have any barriers to the free movement of food.

The second level of stupidity being that going back to a WWII ration would make us all fatter than we are:

This week, health experts announced they want us to adopt a healthy diet of 400 calories for breakfast, and 600 calories each for lunch and dinner.

It will never work, why civil servants waste their salaries coming up with this drivel, I cannot imagine.

Smaller pizzas will just result in fatties buying two, ditto with crisps.

In fact the last time any population existed on 1600 calories a day was probably during the Second World War. Which brings me to my JSP solution for fat-busting.

Let’s go back to rationing – once a month a book of coupons could be mailed out to every member of the population.

It would contain coupons for the purchase of evil foods like pizzas, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, crisps and full fat dairy products, sugar and fizzy drinks.

We would have to use our money, accompanied by a coupon permit to purchase the offending items in strictly regulated amounts.

Of course it could lead to a black market, to trading and bartering, but it’s a lot easier to enforce than ‘asking’ food manufacturers to cut portions and trim off calories when all they are interested in in profit.

There’s that first stupidity, given open borders of course it isn’t easier to enforce at all. But it’s the second one which really grates. Because the minimum WWII ration was of the order of 2,900 calories a day. Rather more than even Public Health England thinks we consume today. Going back to WWII eating habits without also going back to cold baths, no central heating, heavy physical labour and all the rest of it would make us fatter than we are today therefore.

However, we can proffer dietary advice here. We just elect Jeremy Corbyn and we’ll all be thin as rakes:

Venezuelans reported losing on average 11 kilograms (24 lbs) in body weight last year and almost 90 percent now live in poverty, according to a new university study on the impact of a devastating economic crisis and food shortages.

Of course, we’ll have to take the rough with the smooth, entirely destroy our economy, watch the kiddies die as the hospitals can’t treat them, that sort of thing, but it would be a sure and certain solution to Britain’s obesity crisis.

Vote Jezza, you know it makes sense!

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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
6 years ago

Why are so many modern problems not in reality problems at all? Obesity is not increasing, on ther government’s own figures. There is no problem, not with obesity. Nor sugar, or alcohol consumption nor climate change. Obesity, if it were a problem, would be a personal one, with easily available personal solutions for those who are unhappy with their weight. Nanny-staters and prodnoses of all kinds are interfering(often at the taxpayer’s expense) with something that is not their problem. When they come on my telly why is there never anyone to tell them so? Vehemently, they deserve no manners or… Read more »

6 years ago

Another piece of idiocy is to wonder why civil servants waste their salaries on dumb ideas. Obviously they use their salaries wisely. They just use any old excuse to draw them.

Twatting on Timmy
6 years ago

Corbyn might have made an astute political move . He got the crowd behind him. He even got George Osborne behind him. But let’s be clear what he did not do. He did not tackle the issue of migration. That was a mistake. He did not tackle the issue of Ireland: a customs union is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to solve that. Only the single market prevents economic and greater mayhem there. And it may be that he is backing a parliamentary amendment to supposedly achieve his goal that is not legally binding, so why take the… Read more »

6 years ago

Kremlin-watchers will have noted that there wasn’t a lot of Murphonomics in his speech. Could this mean?

Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
6 years ago

To save typing you could leave the ting on timmy bit out.

Mr Ecks
Mr Ecks
6 years ago

Twatty you are already a tired little turd after two or three appearances here at Contins. You will never be a Redcoat no matter how many socialist dicks you suck. Street -Porter is a buck-toothed bullshitter and well-overweight herself–to the degree that she appears to have taken to wearing designer sacks instead of clothes. The bitch would certainly be in line for a visit from some health Commissar in the tinpot tyranny she wants. That she finds nannying tyranny an attractive prospect tells us that she is trah who deserves exactly that tyranny. An Iron Age farm entirely populated with… Read more »

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