Of Course Pregnancy Is At The Limit Of Human Endurance – That’s How Evolution Works

An interesting finding about the link between endurance athletes and pregnancy. Which is that we can work out about how good endurance athletes can get by looking at the extreme to which the human body can be subjected and still – long term – survive. The finding being presented as a bit of a surprise, that this is about the limit to which pregnancy subjects the body.

Well, yes, obviously, that’s how evolution works:

The Tour de France is one of the world’s most gruelling events.

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Are All Feminists This Stupid?

That both halves of a fertile but unwilling to indulge in parturition couple should be responsible for the avoidance of that outcome while still enjoying the jiggy jiggy is fair enough. That those who are certain their family is complete and that there is going to be no second family consider vasectomy is also entirely fine and just.

But we still must ask whether all feminists are actually as stupid as this one in The Guardian, one Felicity Hannah:

My husband doesn’t want a vasectomy.

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CDC Says Abortion Rate Down Over Decade – Sex Education, Abortion Restrictions Both Involved

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the abortion statistics for the US for the years up to 2015. These show both a crop in pregnancy rates and also in the abortion rate. This leaves us with room for the most delightfully virulent arguments about what has happened and a useful guide will be that everyone shouting will be doing so from atop their own prejudices. How unlike politics in general that is. It’s also possible to make an informed guess or two from the numbers themselves which is what we’ll try to do.…

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Pop Star Pregnancies – Easy, The Market’s Not Teenyboppers Any More

The Guardian wants to tell us all that something has changed wildly in our culture. Pop stars no longer mumble something about a career break and then scurry off to have a baby, they announce and display publicly. Which is just fine, great even, of course. But it’s not quite the change that The Guardian thinks it is. It’s actually just that naked capitalism again:

Until recently, pregnancy has been mostly anathema to the pop world.

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