Protesting Brunei’s Anti-LGBT Sharia Law Is All A Bit Colonial, Isn’t It?

One of the great modern sins is colonialism. So much so that all of we who live in places which did it in the past are still contaminated with that guilt. That’s why we should simply ship all the wealth we’ve generated here off to those who haven’t bothered to generate any over there.

Colonialism itself being of course that we went off and told people different from us – perhaps a little darker, often of a different religious persuasion – how they should live their lives.…

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British Courts Have Not Just Recognised Sharia Law – Nikah Marriage Is Void, Not Valid

The old folk wisdom is that we should never believe what we read in the newspapers. A useful example of this being a story going around today, that a British court has just recognised a nikah – a type of marriage under Sharia law – as being valid in Britain. This isn’t actually the case, the finding was in fact exactly the opposite. That this nikah marriage, conducted under that Sharia law, was not in fact legal under English – don’t forget, Scotland has its own legal system – law.…

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The Effects Of Sharia Law On Marriage – Nope, Not This

Mark Twain pointed out that it’s not what you don’t know that’s dangerous, it’s what you are certain is true but which ain’t that is. Which is something of a problem if those insisting upon knowing things which aren’t true are those who rule us.

Well, obviously, MPs are going to be know nothing careerists but we might hope for better from the House of Lords. Except, well:

Baroness Flather was the first Asian woman appointed to the House of Lords

Hmm, a career as a TEFL teacher and then local politician led to this elevation.…

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