Women Commit Crimes To Pay For Drugs For Others

This is what we’re being told at least, that women tend to commit crimes so as to pay for the drugs of another. This is clearly showing how women take responsibility for the wider family, the household, it’s part of caring and sharing and thus don’t jail women.

On the other hand we could consider the actual findings, rather than the gloss:

Half of the women in prison committed crimes to support another person’s drug use, mostly men, prison charities have revealed.

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They So Desperately Want To Believe In Female Viking Warriors

History isn’t, it is. That is, we never do get a retailing of what happened, we get a projection of our current concerns onto those of the past. As here with the existence of female Viking warriors.

Sure, no doubt some existed. Nelson’s navy had recorded examples of women who went to sea and fought as men. Sir Pterry’s Monstrous Regiment is an extended – and very good – riff off the true stories of women who joined the colours for this and that reason.…

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Unpaid Careers Aren’t Worth £762.75 A Week, Nothing Like. £300 Mebbe

The Social Market Foundation wants us to know that an unpaid carer is actually producing economic value of £762.75 a week. This is nonsense. But then it’s from the SMF so who is surprised?

In a report shared exclusively with Money, the Social Market Foundation (SMF) said a man or woman who works for 37 hours a week as an unpaid carer — such as full-time mothers — has an economic value of £762.75 a week.

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And Why Wouldn’t Female Beauty Aid Women’s Top Careers?

The original statement was not that as you’re a munter don’t bother trying to gain one of the top jobs. Rather, that possession of a certain amount of beauty was going to be an aid to women in gaining one of those top career positions. And why not? Why wouldn’t it? Handsomeness in a man also aids in gaining such top positions. Sure, it may well be unfair but that’s the way that us human beings roll and we do have to deal with us as we are.…

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Boris’ Tax Plan Reduces Gender Inequality In The System Says Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler tells us all that Boris’ new tax plan will reduce the disgusting gender inequality currently inherent in the system. Currently men carry very much more of the income tax burden than women do. This is clearly an outrage, we should tax on the basis that we are all equal, not disproportionately upon genetic load. Yes, obviously, it’s a little odd to be hearing a Conservative Prime Minister insisting on this greater gender equality but then Boris is as no other, isn’t he?…

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What’s So Important About Women Executives That Not Having Them Should Be A Crime?

It might well be desirable that women have an equal chance in this life. I tend to think so, we around here take that as a given actually. You know, given that we’re liberals. But equal opportunity and equal outcomes are not the same thing, not at all. Which is what makes this insistence about women in boardrooms so suspect:

City heavyweights have called on the next prime minister to punish companies that continue to keep women out of the boardroom.

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Depicting Violence Against Women Terrible, Writing Just Great

A fun example of double standards here. We know the usual feminist argument against violent p0rno. This normalises such and makes men go out and do more. This is actually incorrect, we’ve proven this, The massive expansion of broadband and the associated trivially simple access to all sorts of p0rno has led to a fall in rape and other crimes of sexual violence against women.

Sure, certain incidences can, might, probably will have been, caused by the monkey see, monkey do experience.…

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Not A Good Start To A Guardian Article

You can expel an MP for fiddling expenses – but not violence or misogyny. Why?
Mandu Reid

Well, actually, yes, you can suffer a recall petition for violence and even misogyny.

As long as they avoid a custodial sentence, men who assault or harass cannot face recall from Commons. This is a scandal

No, actually, it’s not a scandal.

Mandu Reid is leader of the Women’s Equality party

It is, of course, the most dreadful patriarchy to insist that the leader of a political party know anything.…

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Bit Of A Surprise, Glasgow City Council Called Incorruptible

Given the history of one party fiefs in local government the idea that Glasgow City Council is incorruptible comes as something of a nice surprise. Although it should be said that this hasn’t been said as praise, we should still take it that way.

The background is that the female workers there won a big court case. Apparently men working outside in all weathers were paid more than women working indoors with no heavy lifting. This was sexual discrimination and illegal.…

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Another Blow For The Feminist We’re All Entirely Equal Demand

The phrase “separate but equal” has unfortunate overtones in our language, given the manner in which it was used in both South Africa and the Democratic South to justify racial discrimination. And yet it’s clearly a part of the solution to whatever it is the feminists are shrieking about this week. Men and women do indeed have their differences. It’s not purely a matter of different plumbing.

As we’ve noted just recently there’s a definite predisposition to more collective solutions among women than there is among men.…

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