Socialism Is For Women, Capitalism For Men – Remove The Female Vote Therefore

An interesting little survey from the United States showing that this idea of votes for women was a bad one. Or, to be a little less jocular about it, that there really are differences between men and women, on average and in general, and it’s not just the details of the plumbing arrangements.

Four in 10 Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, poll finds

That just shows that four in ten are either dim or ill informed.…

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2SLGBTQQIA – Why Not Just Say Peeps?

A report from Canada about missing indigenous women. Which contains this that I’ve not seen before: 2SLGBTQQIA. Which does rather beg the question, what the heck’s that about? Eh?

The background is that there is concern over the number of First Nations, indigenous, women who have disappeared. The number does indeed seem large:

While the number of Indigenous women who have gone missing is estimated to exceed 4,000, the report admits that no firm numbers can ever be established.

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Yes, You’re Right, Women Go Mad Periodically

Not that anyone didn’t know this but still. The monthly cycle of hormones does indeed lead to differing rates of psychosis.

Some women with psychotic disorders are more vulnerable around the time of menstruation, our analysis suggests

Mothers on the Edge, a recent documentary by Louis Theroux, told the stories of four new mothers admitted to specialist mental health units for a range of serious conditions including anxiety, depression and psychosis – triggered by recent motherhood.…

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Maya Forstater Fired For Saying Trans Women Aren’t In Fact Women

It’s interesting to note what you’re not allowed to say these days. And, actually, what you are allowed to say. If you work for one of the more right on organisations that is. Such is what has happened to Maya Forstater, a friend of ours around here. Well, OK, she might not call reactionaries like me friend but we admire her work. We’ve even helped with it a little bit, talking about minerals, mining and revenues with her.…

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We All Know What Chick Flicks Are, Why Not An Italian Women’s Interest TV Channel?

The latest storm in an espresso cup from the more excitable of our Latin colleagues – the idea that Italian state TV might run two channels, one of men’s interest, one of women’s. This does seem rather sensible and it is in fact the way that cable channels have been working ever since there were cable channels. Tooltime Tim isn’t on there to get the housewives juiced up – no, not even at the thought of what their husbands will do for them once they get home – and QVC’s jewelry flash sales aren’t aimed at the male cis and hetero crowd.…

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Joe Biden’s Bimbo Eruptions – That’s The End Of That Presidential Run

That yet more women are coming out of the woodwork to complain of inappropriate touching from Joe Biden means that’s the end of this particular Presidential run. Well, probably, almost certainly. They’re his own version of Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions and in this #metoo era it’s all going to be rather more damaging.

Three MORE women accuse Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately: Number of allegations against the former Vice President rises to SEVEN just hours after he promised to be more mindful of personal space.

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Is Women’s Rugby Actually The Same Game The Men Play?

OK, so women’s rugby is the new big thing. Among those who tell us what the next big thing should be at least.

Spectators know that women’s rugby isn’t actually the same game as male. But is there a rigorous method of testing this?

There might be.

The injury rate is going to be a measure of two things. How close to the tolerance line fitness levels are and also, with how much brio – violence if you prefer – the game is being played.…

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Capitalism, Not Women’s Lib, Freed From Domestic Drudgery

Something that the headline writers – the subeditors – at The Guardian really do need to begin to understand. Yes, it’s entirely true that traditionally female household labour has declined massively over the past century or so. It’s equally true that there has been women’s lib over this period of time. The two are indeed connected as well. But it’s capitalism, not the agitation for the lib, that has brought it about.

Suzanne Moore’s actual piece here is fine, rather enjoyable in fact.…

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The Effects Of Allowing Women To Control Their Own Money – Mostly Good, Surprsingly

That people should be able to control their own property should be obvious. That’s what property means. But married women couldn’t for a long time, their property becoming that of their husband. Then that changed. So, married women having their own property again, what happened?

Women’s liberation as a financial innovation
Moshe Hazan, David Weiss, Hosny Zoabi 23 March 2019

Countries such as England, the US, Canada, and Australia granted property rights to married women in the 19th century.…

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That Chinese “BreedReady” Database – Check The Translation

A basic truism is that languages don’t map exactly over each other and that’s the most likely explanation for this database from China detailing “BreedReady” women. That languages don’t map exactly should be obvious even to the most monolingual of English speakers. We all know that “Let’s have lunch sometime” when said by an American means “Hope to see you never and definitely not while eating”. Similarly, “That’s lovely” when said by a Brit does not necessarily mean it is lovely and “How quaint” isn’t praise for the cuteness of the thing.…

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