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Muphry’s Law Spotted In The Wild – Mixed Race Relay

Murphy’s Law we all know – whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Muphry’s Law is a corollary, that in any complaint about grammar or typos a greater and worse mistake will be made.

The Guardian tells us:

The only disappointment was that many of England’s leading names failed to perform. The Brownlee brothers arrived slightly injured and left without individual medals.

That originally read “without medals”. So, a correction:

An article commenting on the closing ceremony of this year’s Commonwealth Games said Alistair and Jonny Brownlee left without medals. While they didn’t make the podium as individuals, the brothers were in the team that won silver at the mixed race relay (Gold Coast finale lowers the bar for Birmingham, 17 April, page 43).

I at least assume that a mixed race relay isn’t quite the same thing as a mixed relay race. Indeed, I get the impression that the first would be illegal these days.

Thanks to spotter rmckay.

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6 years ago

Tim, the Brownlee brothers are the world’s best triathletes so they could take part in a mixed race relay, switching between running swimming cycling and whatever else.
The mind may boggle at how one judges a relay race where GB is running while Oz is swimming and vice-versa, but …

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