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Oh Yes, Violent Youths To Be Banned From Sending A Letter

This is one of those things which will so obviously work, isn’t it? The postal system is used by criminals to coordinate their activities. So, if we ban the use of the postal system by criminals then we’ll be able to prevent them from coordinating their activities, won’t we?

Young people who commit violence offences should be banned from using social media such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram, according to the chair of the all-party parliamentary group on knife crime.

Speaking before the launch of the government’s new serious violence strategy, the MP Sarah Jones urged the extension of criminal behaviour orders (CBOs) to give courts the power to ban individuals from using social media.

My word yes, this’ll strike right to the very heart of the problem, won’t it?

Rather than it being, for example, just the latest fashionable excuse being applied to the latest fashionable terror? For it is obvious and entirely clear that someone asking “Whassup?” in public is exactly what leads to some teenager being stabbed, isn’t it? Not even a hint of a backbencher straining for a picture in the papers here, is there?

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bloke in spain
bloke in spain
6 years ago

Now I”m actually quite in favour of this. Because the only way you could exclude these people from social media sites would be to require social media sites to impose validation on account sign-ups. Presumably via credit card registration. Which, as banks are not known for issuing plastic to 5 year olds, would mean parents would have to accept responsibility for the on-line activities of their vile offspring & stop pestering the rest of us to turn the internet into some sort of fucking kindergarten for their benefit.

But ain’t gonna happen.

6 years ago

Actually its dafter than you say. There’s no mention of banning them from the use of mobile phones or texts, so they can still send the digital equivalent of a letter. The proposal is simply to ban access to certain sites on the web. So they will still be able to co-ordinate whatever activities they plan on.

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