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Quote Of The Day – Labour Live And Pissup Inability

From The Observer – a paper one would expect to be at least generally supportive – concerning Labour Live:

There was no visible revolt over the fact that half the crowd had coughed up £35 for their entry and the other half had been bussed in for free after the Labour party started desperately giving out tickets to make up the numbers. The growing sense that the leadership should not be reliably left in charge of party organisation at a brewery was compounded by the fact that the Workers Beer Company refused to provide keg versions of its product, because they were “reserved for high-volume events”.

And some people seem to think that this crew could safely be left to run the country.

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Bloke in North Dorset
Bloke in North Dorset
5 years ago

But it did work as good socialists planned. Those socialists that could afford to pay were happy to pay so that those who wanted to free load didn’t want to pay couldn’t pay could go for free. Oh wait: Labour Live festival goers are demanding refunds after batches of free tickets were distributed to trade unions and lefty organisations. Some unions are even providing free coach travel to the troubled event due to take place in London later this month. Those who purchased passes to the event before free tickets were released paid £35 each. They are now moaning that… Read more »

5 years ago

I quite liked the question in the tent

“Final question: “Should we allow shareholders to make a profit?””

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