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Who Values Your Labour Sarah?

Sarah Montague won’t remember me – I sat on a panel once that she moderated. She struck me as a very capable person.

But she’s obviously a bit clueless.

Because she is in the news again complaining about how much the BBC paid her compared to someone else for doing a job she considered very similar.

As if that is how we all calculate pay.

Sarah seems unaware that her labour is not just valued by an employer, but also by HER.

Or possibly her agent.

If John Humphries demands £650,000 to be on the Today program and is paid it, that is not merely an indication of how much his labour is valued by the BBC, but by John himself.

As female supermodels used to say “I don’t get out of bed for less than £10,000”

THEY value their labour at £10,000. If someone won’t pay that, they don’t get out of bed.

It’s so simple, you’d have to be a Leftie to not understand it.

If Sarah settles for £133,000 that is not necessarily an indication of how much the BBC values her labour, but how much SHE values it. And how little they believe she or her agent values it.

By being willing to work for that, she is telling the BBC “That’s how much I value my labour to do this particular job”

Maybe she REALLY loves the BBC and wants to save the taxpayer money by not fleecing us for her time?

In a free country, there is nothing stopping her asking for more. Indeed she has now gone to work somewhere else within the BBC. Where she presumably asked for more.

The only people who would think labour has a set value according to just its nature are those so unimaginative that they would enjoy Marx and would go to work in the public sector.


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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

Well, lucky for her she isn’t paid what she’s worth, or even the amount another person capable of the job might ask..

Philip Scott Thomas
Philip Scott Thomas
5 years ago

But she’s obviously a bit clueless.

With respect, I’d say that’s putting it mildly. Lady Brooke joined the Today programme presenter roster in 2002. At the time of her leaving the show she had the second-longest tenure with the programme, after John Humphrys, who joined in 1987, and before Justin Webb (2009), Mishal Husain (2013), and Nick Robinson (2015). Yet she was the only one of the five regular presenters not to be included on the so-called ‘BBC Rich List’. Why is that? And why was she ‘incandescent with rage‘ when the list came out?

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