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Adam Rants: My Blood Boils Listening To EU Bureaucrats – Sky News Edition.

Rant of the day:
This from Phillipe Lamberts MEP (me neither) –

“There was never a possibility for the UK to cut all ties with the European Union” – (sky news 25/11/18)

Excuse me Mr Lambert?..

The guy reminds me of Herr Flick from Allo Allo – just not as funny and far more dangerous.

We cannot leave? Are we part of your empire?

You are articulating exactly why 17 million+ people voted to say – “no we don’t want to be part of your empire.”

The man also said that the UK would become a “rogue state”. Now now, I think in even my young lifetime we’ve seen a few rogue states across Europe, let alone our grandparent’s lifetime.

Call me patriotic if you wish, but I don’t see how the UK is on a par with rogue states just because we would rather not be lectured to by Mr Lambert.

Next up on Sky News, we had Drunken Junker saying we’d all made a mistake – after he finally got his words out between spitting his brandy.

“The UK is nothing”

according to drunker.

“..made the wrong decision”


“I would be deeply saddened for my grandchildren”

Without beating around the proverbial bush, Please F off back to the pub and leave us be.

Actually, the majority voted to leave the circus and think of our future – well away from the ties of your empire that will only cause us harm.

Why are we even giving these people airtime?

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