Theresa May’s Shopping List

Theresa Mays weekend shopping list.

Theresa May’s weekend shopping list has been revealed by an insider in Downing Street.

She claimed at PMQs that she has a longer weekend shopping list than the Labour Party’s 6 point alternative to Brexit and more thought out. We can confirm this.

May is often seen pottering around in Tesco express in Westminster to do her weekend shopping, eschewing Aldi due do a spat with “that bloody Merkel woman”

The weekend shopping list reads this:

1, get some breakfast in for Phil

2, stamps and envelopes

3, better not get stamps and envelopes because he might use them to write a letter, he’s probably sick of the s**tshow and wants me sacked – so no, change that to an advent calendar instead.…

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Brexit Project Fear: EU Plans Metrification For Sporting Events

Our source in Brussels has confirmed that the EU is now considering forcing the UK to adopt metrification in all sporting events.

First up is the NFL, increasingly popular in the UK. The International series of regular season games, played 3 times this year in London, sold out within minutes.

The EU is said to be considering banning it on the grounds that it doesn’t fit the EU’s regulatory standards on measurements and that everyone should do what they say, regardless.…

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Adam Rants: Project Fear Edition – No Music After Brexit

The BBC PoliticsLive show (also called project fear)- impartial as always, invited a fervently anti-brexit American guy to appeal to the youth.

Even by the BBCs own admission – in their on screen captions –

“best known for their song ‘teenage dirtbag’ which reached number 2 in the UK Singles chart”

And he’s the only member of the band. *face palm*

Busy complaining that Brexit will end British music exports and that it will be too hard for bands to tour because Mike (or someone) from Liverpool won’t be able to provide the tour busses after Brexit.…

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Adam Rants: My Blood Boils Listening To EU Bureaucrats – Sky News Edition.

Rant of the day:
This from Phillipe Lamberts MEP (me neither) –

“There was never a possibility for the UK to cut all ties with the European Union” – (sky news 25/11/18)

Excuse me Mr Lambert?..

The guy reminds me of Herr Flick from Allo Allo – just not as funny and far more dangerous.

We cannot leave? Are we part of your empire?

You are articulating exactly why 17 million+ people voted to say – “no we don’t want to be part of your empire.”

The man also said that the UK would become a “rogue state”.…

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