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Adam Rants: Project Fear Edition – No Music After Brexit

The BBC PoliticsLive show (also called project fear)- impartial as always, invited a fervently anti-brexit American guy to appeal to the youth.

Even by the BBCs own admission – in their on screen captions –

“best known for their song ‘teenage dirtbag’ which reached number 2 in the UK Singles chart”

And he’s the only member of the band. *face palm*

Busy complaining that Brexit will end British music exports and that it will be too hard for bands to tour because Mike (or someone) from Liverpool won’t be able to provide the tour busses after Brexit. Wtf?

I might be daft and I’m not old enough to remember, but I’m pretty sure a few blokes from Liverpool built their career in Hamburg before becoming world famous. Even had a moan at the taxman, or two.

I’m pretty sure they did that without singing The Ode to Joy before breakfast.

So yet another crazy project fear scare story – music sales will drop. All musicians will go bust because everyone post Brexit will only buy the latest Spanish pop? And Elton John will be interned in Watford.

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