To Explain The Secret Of Dan Brown’s Novels Like The Da Vinci Code


Dan Brown’s novels – The Da Vinci Code, Angels And Demons, that sort of stuff – attract more than their share of petulant sniffs from the literate. Complaints of absurd plots, clunky prose, cardboard characters from those who insist that they really do know how to write. We’d not, around here, make the claim that we do know but still we’re not hugely impressed with the quality of the prose to be honest about it.

We also note and agree that we live in a market economy and that he’s producing what the people want, as shown by their freely expressed agreement to give him their money in return. We are not in a world where that latest volume of Brezhnev speeches is a career requirement, nor of Stalin’s latest tome being necessary to stay out of the Gulag. Fair play to the lad therefore.

But this is a useful explanation of what disquiets:

4am starts and spinach smoothies: Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown on how to write a bestseller

Written at the crack of sparrowfart through the miasma of a liquidised spinach diet. If only they didn’t read like they were….

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