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On This Day In History Dec 23

Basil Hume was known to pray for the conversion of England – as the Archbishop he was rather supposed to. This is why, today’s the day James II fled the country.

In artistic matters, Vinnie cuts off his ear and sends it to a tart for safekeeping. The crowd has been shouting ‘Ere ‘Ere since.

Ireland’s – or, as it actually was, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’s – Home Rule Act was passed. That a century later we’re still arguing about the border shows a certain inefficiency to political solutions.

Slovenia’s referendum on leaving Yugoslavia today led to a 10 day war on the issue – showing that there’s a certain inefficiency to political solutions.

Given that the US still works on inches, ounces and gallons President Ford’s signing of the Metric Conversion Act this day shows there’s a certain inefficiency to political solutions.

Lavrentiy Beria died this day – executed with a shot to the forehead showing that some political solutions do in fact work.

Chuck Berry was arrested for not realising she wasn’t sweet nor 16:

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