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On This Day In History Dec 27 – Stagger Lee Really Did

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, showing the manner in which Pakistan takes its politics really quite seriously. At least one other PM of the place was hanged, one assasinated and they’ve only been trying this out for a tad over 60 years.

Indonesian independence took place, something that took an awful long time to come right – political arrangements, even the absence of colonialism, not being everything that matters.

Juan Carlos ratifies the Spanish constitution and that has come right – better at least – showing that bad political arrangements can at least be made better.

A less successful Spanish legal invention, the Law of Burgos. How Spanish colonialists shouldn’t exploit the Amerinds in South America – worked well, eh?

The International Monetary Fund is created. These international political arrangements of this day aren’t proving to have a great track record, are they?

The Dutch say their Queen graciously granted independence to Indonesia on this day. Fun how the same event can be so differently described.

The events of Stagger Lee took place:

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