On This Day In History Dec 27 – Stagger Lee Really Did

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated, showing the manner in which Pakistan takes its politics really quite seriously. At least one other PM of the place was hanged, one assasinated and they’ve only been trying this out for a tad over 60 years.

Indonesian independence took place, something that took an awful long time to come right – political arrangements, even the absence of colonialism, not being everything that matters.

Juan Carlos ratifies the Spanish constitution and that has come right – better at least – showing that bad political arrangements can at least be made better.…

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On This Day In History 26 Dec – The English Celebrate The Invention Of Boxes

Today is Boxing Day, the ritual whereby the English celebrate the invention of the box. No, it wasn’t St Stephen, we don’t know who, but today is the day. More traditional houses will have a room specifically set aside for worship – the Box Room. On normal days the lares are left to their own devices with perhaps just the occasional check to note that boxes still exist, that the Sun has not set upon the Empire.…

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On This Day In History 25 December – Nope, Not Jesus’ Day Of Birth

December 25th is not actually the day of Jesus’ birth – everyone was using a rather different calendar back then anyway. Rather, it’s as with Brenda, the official birthday. Held at a time each year that is convenient to those organising it. In this case, the Catholic Church. Who noted that the Northern Europeans feasted and gorged at this point in time each year so decided there ought to be some Church point to it all.…

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On This Day In History Dec 23

Basil Hume was known to pray for the conversion of England – as the Archbishop he was rather supposed to. This is why, today’s the day James II fled the country.

In artistic matters, Vinnie cuts off his ear and sends it to a tart for safekeeping. The crowd has been shouting ‘Ere ‘Ere since.

Ireland’s – or, as it actually was, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’s – Home Rule Act was passed.…

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On This Day In History Dec 22 – Dreyfus Shows Why Not To Trust Governments

History has lessons and echoes for us. For example, from Dec 22:

In 1894, French army officer Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial that triggered worldwide charges of anti-Semitism.

Put not your trust in governments in the grip of collective delusions. Actually, put not your trust in governments perhaps.

In 1989, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, the last of Eastern Europe’s hard-line Communist rulers, was toppled from power in a popular uprising.

Possibly, how to deal with governments that aren’t to be trusted.…

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