London’s Gangs Have Changed Because Londoners Have Changed


The Guardian tells us that London’s gangs have changed. Well, yes, could well be, for who is a Londoner has changed too. Gangs being social creations of course, so if we have a change in the society we’d expect to see a change in the gangs. This being something that The Guardian entirely fails to even note in their discussion:

London’s gangs have changed, and it’s driving a surge in pitiless violence

Well, yes. Some 40% of so of London’s population is foreign born. We’ve thus imported some measure of foreign social attitudes towards gangs, territory, society as a whole in fact. Such vibrant diversity is often enough entirely delightful but then not always so.

Might have been useful to mention this but of course this is The Guardian, isn’t it? They blame profits and Twitter – rather than, say, import people with a different culture and the culture will change.

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