The Rough Sex Defence To Murder Is Entirely Valid

There’s a reason we use juries in trials. It is to make sure that there’s a group of people involved who use the common sense and basic values of the society in general in deciding guilt or not.

Oh, sure, that’s not what we’re all told it’s about but the true aim really is jury nullification. Which is just the posh name for the blokess in the street saying “But that’s not criminal!”

Historically it’s simply amazing the number of people convicted of theft up to the value of four shillings and 11 pence.…

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RAND Would Be Proud – Americans In Italy With The Prisoner’s Dilemma In Real Life

Of course all of this is sub judice so we cannot say with any certainty what actually did happen. But we can say what is being reported:

Two Americans arrested in connection with the death of an Italian paramilitary officer had blamed each other for committing murder, court documents sent to reporters show.

Precisely and exactly the wrong thing to do of course:

The prisoner’s dilemma is a standard example of a game analyzed in game theory that shows why two completely rational individuals might not cooperate, even if it appears that it is in their best interests to do so.

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There’s Dumb, There’s Stupid, Then There’s Complaining To The Police About Contract Murder Fraud

This is something of a giggle. A mother and daughter have been arrested in Spain over claims that they organised a contract murder. Not entirely unknown of course, people do get murdered, sometimes people are paid to do the murdering. Contract murders are known to exist.

The reason appears to be that the mother’s ex-inamorata was suspected of defrauding the extended family. For which, of course, he had to die. DIE! I tell ‘ee. The person hired to do the murdering was the daughter’s boyfriend.…

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Mobile Phones Cut The Murder Rate – For The Same Reason They Grow The Economy

One of the interesting findings about mobile phones is that they grow the economy. In a country without a general landline network – ie, all the poor ones – 10% of the population gaining a mobile increases GDP by 0.5%. No, not the growth rate goes up from 2% to 2.01%. But an additional 0.5% of GDP each year. Which is, by the standards of these things, pretty big.

We also know why too. Being able to contact people means that markets complete, contracts and transactions are possible.…

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This Is An Interesting Compare And Contrast – Which Murderer Is Guilty Here?

There’s ever such a slight suspicion that men and women are – or perhaps should be – differently treated by the legal system. Specifically, there’s long been a campaign in the UK that women should be handled, well, lightly perhaps, if the partner they murder was controlling or abusive during their relationship.

It is also insisted that this is quite different from the thought that perhaps men who kill in a fit of rage should be more lightly treated by the legal system.…

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London’s Gangs Have Changed Because Londoners Have Changed

The Guardian tells us that London’s gangs have changed. Well, yes, could well be, for who is a Londoner has changed too. Gangs being social creations of course, so if we have a change in the society we’d expect to see a change in the gangs. This being something that The Guardian entirely fails to even note in their discussion:

London’s gangs have changed, and it’s driving a surge in pitiless violence

Well, yes. Some 40% of so of London’s population is foreign born.…

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Femicide, Homicide, Murder And Manslaughter

It would appear that Barbara Ellen, a columnist for The Observer, needs a little education in the English language. Or perhaps it’s the law. Possibly even just some basic logic.

Here’s her question:

Doubtful of achieving a guilty murder verdict, the Crown Prosecution Service reduced the charge to manslaughter. Broadhurst pleaded guilty – effectively to not ringing for help quickly enough. He could be out within two years. Well done to the former solicitor general Harriet Harman for officially querying this outcome, but what was the CPS thinking – perhaps something along the lines of: “Any conviction is better than nothing”?

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Men More Likely To Be Killed By Friends Or Partners Than Women

We’ve the annual complaint that women are being killed in droves by men – killed by their partners and isn’t this a gross indictment of a patriarchal society and no doubt it’s capitalism to blame. And the reality here is that men are more likely to be killed by a friend or partner than women are. So, perhaps the dolour should be to the other side? Or even that indictment of capitalism and patriarchy?

And the thing is, even though we’re never told this, this is in fact true too.…

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Cressida D**k’s Entire Nonsense Over Social Media Causing Murder

It would be useful if those running our society on our behalf had even the vaguest connection with the reality out here. That this is so is not immediately apparent from this latest spouting by Cressida D**k, someone who by some mischance has become Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police. That social media has an influence upon the wider society is obviously true, for it’s an important part of that wider society these days. But exactly what that influence is does depend upon that reality, not dreams thought up in some ivory tower.…

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