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Ocasio Cortez And The Bathtub Photograph, Donald Trump And The Pee Pee Tape

A widely circulated and entirely misattributed photograph claims to be of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her bathtub. It shoes feet, toenails and some vague reflection of something or other. It is in fact of another lady who makes her living displaying her physical charms rather than the one newly elected to do so by spending our money.

Oh well. Except, well, this isn’t quite true, is it?

Women in leadership face more scrutiny? More scrutiny than what?

At which point, that lovely plot device in The Good Fight. The Donald Trump Pee Pee Tape. You know, the one that doesn’t actually exist – or not that anyone can credibly prove does at least – and seems to have been the invention of an ex-British spy who was hired by one or other Democratic Party operative as opposition research in the run up to the last Presidential election. That tape which was reported upon by just about every newspaper in the land and which very few indeed have ever agreed doesn’t exist. The usual point being made about it being the Dan Rather one.

And the claim is that women face more scrutiny?


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