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Owen Jones’ Considered Opinion On Brexit – Vote Again Proles!

Why Owen Jones is not a good guide to how the country should be run is on vivid display here. For his argument is entirely about how Labour can and should profit from policy over Brexit. There’s simply no consideration given to the more basic and important point – what is it, actually that should be done?

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A second referendum is a bad option for Labour. But it may be the only one left
Owen Jones[/perfectpullquote]

Why should Brexit or non-Brexit be determined by what’s good or bad for the Labour Party? Well, if you view everything through the prism of what is good for Labour, Brexit is one of those every things, that’s how you get here. It’s actually people like me – whose natural home is in the Tory Party, perhaps the Orange Book Liberals – who went off into Ukip who are being honest on the matter. For we put party line aside on the basis of considering the existential question. Should Britain remain a free and sovereign country or should it become a county in a Federast Europe?

Sure, it’s possible we are wrong – Naah, we aren’t – but we have at least gone with our stance on the underlying issue, not some tribalism bolstered by George Formby singalongs.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A plea to dogged people’s vote supporters. Sideline those voices who, by virtue of their establishment credentials, or their utter contempt for those who voted leave, achieve nothing but boosting Farage; and those who use Brexit, above all else, as a wedge issue to attack the Labour leadership. Another referendum can’t be a rerun of the first. If your wish is granted, you may well come to regret it. There are no good options here. But if a second referendum is the only way out of the current turmoil, and as a means to eject a Tory party that has brought only ruin from power, then needs must.[/perfectpullquote]

See? His considerations are knifing the Bastard Tories, supporting Jezza. Consideration of the actual question under discussion doesn’t come into it, does it? Which is why we can’t use Owen Jones as a guide to any other question. Everything, every view, opinion and question, is simply a manner of showing support for Grandpa Death. And Jeebus knows blind faith in the Supreme Leader has led to some disasters along the way, eh?

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Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
5 years ago

When Corbyn was first elected, didn’t Jones rail about what a disaster he was? Tells you all you need to know about the little shit.

Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

Is not Mr Jones himself a liability to the party and should he not stop supporting them and go over to the tories or libdems if he wants to help labour?

5 years ago

Owen Jones….who decries homophobia while espousing to fill up the UK with Muslims. Says all you need to know about his logic.

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