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Owen Jones’ Latest Bright Idea – Bring Back Ed Miliband, The Man Who Lost The Fight With A Bacon Sandwich

Owen Jones just is such a card. This, apparently, is Labour’s new and great vote winner:

No, really:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Another shake-up is surely overdue, too, and that is around the shadow cabinet table. Many of them are barely visible to the public; Corbyn surely needs more big hitters who can refocus the national debate on Labour’s currently marginalised priorities. The first suggestion is Ed Miliband. These column inches used to be filled with my despair over the timidity of that Labour era, but could New Labour ever have seamlessly transitioned to Corbynism? Miliband was the bridge between the two, as he acknowledges himself: a man who had the right diagnosis of Britain’s broken social order, but feared offering a genuinely courageous break with it, a man torn between the radicalism of his father and his time as a New Labour apparatchik. “He’s more leftwing privately than you think,” I was often told by those who knew him at the time, but he became too much of a prisoner of his woefully unambitious shadow chancellor, Ed Balls. After spending the first 18 months after Labour’s 2015 drubbing lost in the wilderness, Miliband has truly flourished. [/perfectpullquote]

Perhaps bacon sandwiches shouldn’t matter but this is politics, appearances and beliefs do matter. The general public has it firmly fixed in their minds that the man can’t deal with a bit of sliced pork. Thus not really the one to aid in running the country….

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5 years ago

“Truly flourished”? Is that the same as pretty much totally disappeared?

But if we bring back Ed, can we please, please bring back the EdStone too?

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