So, Child Grooming Online’s Not Much Of An Issue Then


We can return to mistakes made as teenagers being just that, mistakes made as teenagers that we then learn from. This being what childhood is of course, the process of making mistakes so that we know not to do that again.

Which is the correct answer to this news from the NSPCC:

More than 200,000 secondary school children may have been groomed online, research suggests. A survey carried out on behalf of children’s charity the NSPCC found that around 4% of young people aged 11 to 17 questioned had sent, received or been asked to send sexual content to an adult when using various sites and apps. The charity said that one in 25 children had done so using Snapchat, Facebook or Facebook Messenger; one in 33 using Twitch and Twitter and one in 50 using Instagram and WhatsApp.

We’ve not had any outbreak of changed behaviour in teens as a result of all of this now, have we? Knife crime being a result of a certain enrichment of the country and there isn’t anything else out there. Teens are no more nor less unfathomable than any previous generation of them.

From which we must conclude that something that has happened to 200,000 teens and hasn’t caused any harm therefore doesn’t cause any harm.

Good, glad we’ve that sorted then.

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston

Cleverly eliding between the stats where it is hugely likely that each of those 200,000 is it happened exactly once to each individual, and the impression seated in your mind that it is happening to all 200,000 every day.

I am one of 20,000,000 people who can report having had a broken arm. OH NOES!!!! 20,000,000 broken arms! Something Must Be Done!

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan

NSPCC pays good money to the Leftie types who infest charities. Must therefore keep the money rolling in otherwise the snouts will be out of the trough.