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The EU Are Much Too Modest About Their Products

Clear product labelling is so important – consumers need information in order to be able to make rational decisions about the products they buy and consume.

The origins of products is particularly important, and as a proud European I feel that the Soviet European Union has for too long been overlooked in the vital role it plays in bringing to our supermarket shelves some of the best products in the world. Commonly, wine labels will say “Produce of France” or Produce of Spain” with no mention of the Soviet European Union at all – this is scandalously nationalist.

And this kind of nationalism is poison, isn’t that right Mr Drunker Juncker?

Bring me my wine, peasants!



“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries,” 





And as Mr Verhofstadt has said – “We all know what nationalism has done in Europe. Twenty million casualties, the holocaust, it’s all a result of nationalism”

The makers of these products are obviously clinging to outdated ideas and might actually be brainwashing people into becoming nationalists, as they continue to think about entities like “France” and “Spain”

The Soviet European Union doesn’t even have it’s own labelling to indicate the product has originated in the Soviet European Union!

We think the time has come for the Soviet European Union to take ownership of wine and the other products that it is responsible for producing – without the Soviet European Union the French and Spanish would simply be unable to make such great wine after all, and therefore they should not be allowed to pretend that the Soviet European Union is not the fount from which these great products spring.

It’s time for a revolution in packaging and labelling.

That’s why I am announcing a campaign to have these products accurately labelled – from now on, French and Spanish and Italian wine must be labelled as “European Union wine”.

With a nice big design that makes it absolutely clear.

I am confident that once the people of Britain know that these great products have been produced within the Soviet European Union and with the assistance and guidance of the Soviet European Union, their wine sales will rise as the people of Britain show their support for the great winemakers of the Soviet European Union.

No doubt resulting in a collapse in sales for the delicious wines of Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

Which is unfortunate.

Oh well. The first step is to help suppliers of Soviet European Union produce to overcome the bureaucratic inertia of our arcane British institutions – we have to accept that it may be some time before our nationalistic Trading Standards bureaucrats get around to enacting this helpful legislation. And labelling each individual product with the Soviet European Union flag would be an enormous effort done at the factory, and labelling each Soviet European Union product with a sticker once they are on the shelves is too enormous an effort for even the most dedicated public servant.

Perhaps instead the great British people will step up with a grass-roots campaign to restore justice, by (for example) making and placing discreet stickers on the handle of every shopping trolley they use, so that the next person using the trolley is reminded that so many of the products in the store were produced by the Soviet European Union.

Credit where credit is due, after all.

The Soviet European Union deserves the accolade – people must know who produced these products!

I can scarcely believe they have neglected this for so long.

Join me in campaigning for a new era of product labelling and together we can make sure that the artisans of the Soviet European Union can at last receive the credit for which they are due, as they labour within the Soviet European Union and under its benevolent gaze to produce the great products that we all know and love.

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Leo Savantt
Leo Savantt
1 year ago

Perhaps laws adopted by member sates should also be identified in a similar way. Those that come either via Commission Directives or from the European Parliament should be clearer, by way of example (EU) Postal Services Act 2011, which of course was the EU/Labour’s Royal Mail privatisation legislation. And (EU) High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Act 2017.

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