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Entirely Correct Here – Being Gay Is Not Being A Paedophile

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This is all rather dressed up in terminology of upholding the best traditions and all that but what was really being said here, in the original, is that a bloke who sleeps with over the age of consent male teenagers might be a paedophile. Therefore, a bloke who sleeps with over the age of consent male teenagers should not be the headmaster of a primary school.

Yes, agreed, that’s not what anyone has said out loud but that’s what the background muttering was. The employment tribunal has pointed out that this is incorrect. Quite so – to be gay or not has no bearing on being a paedophile or not. They are entirely different paraphilias.

To be attracted to pre-pubescent children is this thing over here, to be attracted to twinks is this other thing over there. They are as different as being attracted to hemlines and automobiles are.

A primary school headteacher sacked after having sex with two 17-year-old boys he met through a gay dating app has been awarded nearly £700,000 compensation by a tribunal.

Matthew Aplin, who was the head of Tywyn Primary School in Sandfields, Port Talbot, South Wales, had sexual activity with the two teenagers at his home in August 2015.

The governors of the school were concerned about safeguarding issues and held a meeting with the local education authority where an investigation was launched.

A secondary school teacher in the same situation, well, one might start to wonder. Someone who regularly picks up and or shags 17 year old girls might not be quite the best person to be taking A level classes.

We are all in favour of discrimination around here. That is, to discriminate between cases, to decide where something is a problem or a matter of interest and where it is not. A taste for booty half a lifetime older than the charges he’s being paid to educate is not a problem for a teacher.

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