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So, Which Trans Views Should You Be Fired For?

Trans rights, sure, why not?

Maya Forstater’s case continues and as we all know, Maya is a friends of ours around here. True, it would probably be possibly to distinguish our views on many a thing without much effort but still, Ms. Forstater is on the right side of the argument. On the basis that she insists that facts matter. It is not merely the telling of a convenient narrative but the actual state of reality which is what we should be discerning.

She was fired, so her insistence is, fort being less than complaisant with the currently fashionable views on trans issues. Well, OK, an allegation and that’s what’s being tried at the tribunal. But we come to an important point.

Sure, there are some things which are inconsistent with holding a specific job. There are many that are not, the important thing is discrimination between them. As earlier today a taste for banging 17 years olds is not relevant to a job as a primary teacher.

Is believing in the immutability of sex (note, sex, not gender) a bar to being a researcher into poverty?

Maya Forstater, 45, lost her job earlier this year after criticising government proposals to allow people to self-identify as the opposite sex.

She is understood to be the first person in the UK to lose their job for expressing ‘gender critical’ views, meaning that she does not believe people can change their biological sex.


Ms Forstater lost her job in March 2019, six months after using her personal Twitter account to express the view that “male people are not women”.

The tribunal is set to decide over the next week whether the statement is a belief that should be protected under the Equality Act 2010, rather than “an opinion or viewpoint based on the present state of information available.”

“I believe that sex matters,” Ms Forstater wrote in her witness statement to the tribunal. “This belief is based on things that I regard as fundamental scientific facts, as well as basic logical constructs.

“I also believe that facts are important, and that ignoring them or pretending that they are not true is detrimental to an honest, just and fair society.

“I have always believed that sex is a material reality, that being female or male is an immutable biological act, and that sex matters, and I always will.”

Hey, maybe it is true that everyone working in that third sector must conform to all of the currently fashionable nostrums. If that is so just the reason why we should close it all down, no?

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