Entirely Correct Here – Being Gay Is Not Being A Paedophile

This is all rather dressed up in terminology of upholding the best traditions and all that but what was really being said here, in the original, is that a bloke who sleeps with over the age of consent male teenagers might be a paedophile. Therefore, a bloke who sleeps with over the age of consent male teenagers should not be the headmaster of a primary school.

Yes, agreed, that’s not what anyone has said out loud but that’s what the background muttering was.…

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The Gay Marriage Cake Case – Why Doesn’t The Law Force Someone To Host 8chan?

Being, as we are around here, liberal we’re of course just fine with gay marriage and whatever else it is that consenting adults wish to do. Being liberal, as we are around here, we’re not OK with what consenting adults don’t consent to. Thus which side of the gay marriage cake case to take is pretty simple. The bloke asking for the cake to be made has the absolute right to so ask. The people asked have the absolute right to refuse.…

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Isn’t This What You Want?

Peter Tatchell is a decent bloke, but he’s wrong here.

Our community organisations have become increasingly corporatised and exploited, with UK Pride parades often dominated by big business sponsors and floats, vote-seeking politicians and state agents such as the police, who brag about their LGBT+ inclusiveness but have not apologised or compensated us for their decades of oppression.

To paraphrase Joan Robinson, the only thing worse than gays being exploited by capitalists is gays not being exploited by capitalists.…

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GoFundMe Bans Israel Folau’s Outrageous Homophobia And Gay Hate

Isn’t this just such a lovely example of today’s liberal public settlement? If you are guilty of wrongthink then you’re banned from using the usual societal tools. Even, banned from using the tools which many use to establish, in the courts and the law, their rights.

Sure and of course any private business can deny the custom of anyone they like. But that such are being banned on such nakedly political grounds might give us all a little pause for thought.…

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Israel Folau’s Speech – Sermon Perhaps – On The Evils Of Child Transgenderism

Israel Folau isn’t backing down from his views on gay marriage, child transgenderism and all that. Which is fine – of course it’s fine. He is indeed allowed his views and also to speak them – that’s what a liberal society means. Being liberal doesn’t mean we’ve got to agree with him. Nor praise him for his views, support them, approve of them. But we do have to tolerate him, his views and his right to express them.…

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Dutee Chand – That’s Why So Many Gays Move To The Big City

Dutee Chand is India’s first – or only? – out and gay athlete. All of which is entirely fine by us around here. There is though something that interests. This is how there’s a difference between the manner that the peeps in the Big City are taking this and how the folks back home are:

‘It’s humiliating for us’: village disowns Dutee Chand, India’s first openly gay athlete
Country’s fastest sprinter praised for courage, but family and locals say they cannot accept a gay relationship

In more detail:

Chand’s mother, Akhuji, told the Indian Express: “I had been supporting her all along for her special interest in sports but … we belong to a traditional weaver community, which does not permit such things.

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Anne Widdicombe’s Right – We Want A Scientific Answer To Being Gay

She’s right in what she actually said but also she’s right in the far more basic question too. We would like a scientific answer to being gay, to the very existence of gayness. It’s one of those puzzles that it exists.

Nope, this is not to say that gay people shouldn’t exist, nor that their rights are any lesser – or greater – than those of any other of God’s Own Special Little Snowflakes, each and every other human being.…

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Naomi Wolf’s Dreadful Error Of The Death Penalty For Buggery

Naomi Wolf’s latest book is essentially a rehash of her PhD thesis. Which does rather need to be called into question itself now. For there’s the most dreadful error underlying her entire evidence base.

Her essential contention is that Victorian Britain became more censorious over gay sex – what back then was called sodomy – and that the love that now speaketh its name was terrorised by the sentence of public hanging. Except that’s entirely the opposite of what actually happened, Victorian Britain became markedly less vicious even as we might argue either way over public censoriousness.…

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Protesting Brunei’s Anti-LGBT Sharia Law Is All A Bit Colonial, Isn’t It?

One of the great modern sins is colonialism. So much so that all of we who live in places which did it in the past are still contaminated with that guilt. That’s why we should simply ship all the wealth we’ve generated here off to those who haven’t bothered to generate any over there.

Colonialism itself being of course that we went off and told people different from us – perhaps a little darker, often of a different religious persuasion – how they should live their lives.…

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[CORRECTED] Kevin D Williamson Is Gay? Ain’t That A Victory For Classical Liberalism?

On the 7th April 2018 we wrote an article stating that Kevin D. Williamson was gay. this turned out to be factually untrue and based on an entire misconception of another artice – Kevin Williamson is not gay.

So, err, pretty stupid of me really.

Continental Telegraph clearly apologise to Kevin for that error.



It comes to my attention that Kevin D Williamson, fired from the Atlantic over his comments concerning abortion, is gay.…

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