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Pneumonia Is A Disease Of Poverty, Is It – Our New Renewables Victims

Carbon emissions

An interesting statement made here:

Kevin Watkins, the Save the Children chief executive, said: “I would describe pneumonia as the ultimate disease of poverty, both in the UK and globally.”

OK, fair enough. I did think that it was largely a disease of old age but then what do I know?

So, we’ve a rise in this disease of poverty:

Emergency hospital admissions for children with pneumonia have risen by more than 50% in England over the past decade, figures suggest, with admission rates highest in more deprived areas.

It’s not relative poverty that causes this. It’s actual poverty, the lacking of something, not that others have more.

What might it be that the British poor are lacking in recent years? How about domestic heating? We are, after all, regularly told that fuel poverty is going up. And why is it? Because energy for domestic use is rising in relative price. Rising faster than general inflation.

And why is domestic energy rising in price faster than general inflation? Because of all the Green gubbins that we now load onto its supply.

Sure, we can argue that it’s worth it. That the true and real cost of not genuflecting to St Greta will be higher. But it is true that adding those extra costs onto energy has made energy more expensive. Increasing that fuel poverty and this childhood pneumonia.

Kids choking their lungs out in A&E – offerings to the Church of Gaia.

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4 years ago

Of course there might be other causes. Such as immigration from and increased contact with societies where the disease is prevalent.

4 years ago
Reply to  Pat

And there was I thinking the pneumococcal bug was native to European countries. Nope, poor diet and cold exposure which is the articles point.

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