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Why We Shouldn’t Have More Government – Reason MMCXI

It is, generally enough, the left that says we should have more government, the right insisting that even if less is going to be difficult at least don’t expand the damn thing. An amusement being that said left, when actually allowed to go do that gubmint thang, turns out to be remarkably bad at it:

That legacy is a judiciary remade deeply conservative in Trump’s own image. In securing the confirmation of his 50th appeals court judge earlier this month, Trump cemented his status as the most accomplished sponsor of federal judges in the modern history of the presidency.

No president has secured so many important judgeships as quickly. Barack Obama managed to confirm only 55 appeals court judges – in eight years. Trump’s presidency is not yet three years old.

The incompetent who has no clue what he’s doing has outperformed the planner in chief by a factor of two in his rate of appointments.

It’s not that this appointing of judges is all that much of an unknown, it’s right there in the Constitution after all. Yet it’s the people incompetent at this task who insist they’ve got the chops to run the entire economy for us. Odd really, isn’t it? Some corollary of Dunning Kruger perhaps….

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3 years ago

Trump is a New York property developer and TV celebrity and never developed a national network of lawyers as a typical candidate would have. He has largely delegated the selection of judges to the Federalist Society, likewise the list of Supreme Court nominees he published during his campaign. Writing “In Trump’s own image,” the writer promotes the image of Trump as autocrat. There are also we 63 million who voted for him. There was already one vacancy on the Supreme Court and prominent in the campaign was a promise of a nominee who would return to weighing laws against the… Read more »

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