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The Owen Jones Assault Wasn’t Homophobia

Well, as I read the judge here this wasn’t in fact homophobia:

A man has been found guilty of aggravated assault against the Guardian columnist Owen Jones because of hostility to his leftwing political views and homophobia, following a two-day trial at Snaresbrook crown court.

No, not quite.

Anne Studd QC, the presiding judge, concluded at the end of the hearing that Jones was the victim of a “wholly unprovoked assault” outside a central London pub last August because of “his LGBT and his leftwing beliefs”.

His LGBT beliefs and homophobia are not the same thing. Homophobia would be that because Owen likes same sex sex therefore he should be beaten up. That he was beaten up because he defends – entirely rightly – the civil liberty of people to like same sex sex is not homophobia.

I, for example, stoutly defend the civil liberty of consenting adults to have sex as they wish – out of the streets so as to not frighten the horses of course – and I am not into same sex sex myself. Someone beating me up for those views would be beating me up for those views, not for my personal method of having sex.

The two are different, d’ye see?

“I am satisfied this was a targeted attack on Mr Jones because of who he is and his beliefs,” the judge concluded.

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David Morris
David Morris
4 years ago

That’ll be Owen “YOU WANKER” Jones ?

bloke in spain
bloke in spain
4 years ago

I’d go with; he was beaten up because he’s got a face any reasonable person would just have to punch.

John B
John B
4 years ago

‘’… because he defends – entirely rightly – the civil liberty of people – to like same sex sex…

LGBT is not about homosexuality, it is an evangelical drive by a bunch of fanatics incapable of engaging in wealth creating activity, to gather a freak show ensemble of alleged victims, victims of everyone else in society and demand they have special Rights above all others.

4 years ago
Reply to  John B

My state gave them “civil unions,” then legal “marriage,” and surprise! they didn’t go away. “Special rights” is their entire current campaign; namely, when anyone is playing pretend, everyone else should be compelled to play along (no matter the objections of, say, the girls in the girls’ locker room) and they should suffer no career impediment.

That and lumping together cross-dressers and sodomists under the LGBT banner, as we lump together Homeless and Dreamers and get all sappy.

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