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Andy Anokye – Next They’ll Be Telling Us Keef Liked A Drink

This really is a shocker, isn’t it?

In the spring of 2017, Andy Anokye – also known as the grime artist Solo 45 – felt on top of the world. He had signed a deal with a world-famous record company, was headlining major festivals in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans, and enjoying the trappings that fame was bringing: money, freebies, privilege and champagne-soaked after-show parties.

In reflective moments, he would watch crews rowing on the River Avon outside his waterside apartment in Bristol and think about his journey from a deprived estate in north London, where he rubbed shoulders with gangsters and crooks.

But Anokye was hiding a secret. He used his position of power – and his charisma – to meet and groom women. He would charm them and win their trust before subjecting them to horrific campaigns of rape and abuse.

Man lauded for lyrics like this:

Come we discuss all the wars that I’ve won
Big bro’s here, tell 45 come
Rinse that kick ‘til the 45’s done
He was like “I wanna try draw for the MAC”
I was like “yeah, but the .45’s dumb”
Said “bring your choice, bring four, five guns”
The MAC-10 rings, but the .45 hums
He said I’m gonna bring a 45 too
So then we attack like a 4-5-1

And the mellifluity of this:

And I’m ending the night with some big breasts
So, you can kiss my arse
Kiss my arse, kiss my arse, kiss my arse
You can kiss my arse
Kiss my arse, kiss my arse, kiss my arse
You can kiss my, kiss my, kiss my
You can kiss my arse
Kiss my arse, kiss my arse, kiss it

Turns out to be a violent criminal. It’s just one of those things that nonecouldaknownorthoughtabout. They’ll be telling us that Keith Richards liked a schooner of sherry now and again next.

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Sam Vara
Sam Vara
4 years ago

To be fair, most people drawn to this kind of violent music are law-abiding ninnies acting out a fantasy.

Mr Womby
Mr Womby
4 years ago

I can never remember, is it Bacharach who writes the music and David the lyrics or is it the other way round?

4 years ago
Reply to  Mr Womby

Bacharach wrote the music, David the lyrics. Bacharach also produced and arranged all the songs.

David Moore
David Moore
4 years ago

“But Anokye was hiding a secret.”

Is it possible to be a bit doubtful that it was much of a secret?

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