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The Berggruen Institute – Yep, They’re Idiots

I find myself being spammed by some people calling themselves the Berggruen Institute. Through Twitter no less, apparently the new place to spam people.

Hi, we just launched the introductory video for our Future of Capitalism Program – new ways to share the wealth for the benefit of all.
We thought you might be interested in the work and would greatly appreciate a RT if you find it relevant.

Thank you for the support!

Support is not quite what they’re likely to get. From their web pageweb page:

Capitalism has seemingly conquered the world. Market economies are now the “only game in town.”

Capitalism and markets are not the same thing. Capitalism is about who owns.

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Michael van der Riet
Michael van der Riet
10 months ago

The great thing about capitalism is that nobody knows what is the future of capitalism, except that it will be what people want it to be.

John B
John B
10 months ago

Capitalism, like gravity, was discovered not invented. Capitalism is, like gravity is. Its future is what it is.

10 months ago

Capitalism is a free market, for your spare money (your capital). Now, a joint studying “new ways to share the wealth for the benefit of all” is probably not interested in freedom, and probably not contemplating their own “wealth.”

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