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The Media Have Become Effie Trinket

Behind the scenes, the wealthy, the privileged, the elites, the globalists.

Out front, their stenographers in the media, no longer willing or able to actually hold anyone to task, or perform investigative journalism, but merely regurgitating government releases and copy and pasting from Wikipedia – churnalism.

Seen most profoundly during the EU referendum, with the uncritical repeating of all Project Fear’s most risible forecasts, all presented by the media as facts.

The repeated use of the terms like “crashing out”, as our media tried to build the EU’s narrative for them.

Under pressure from EU pets in our own government – truly acts of naked treason as they conspired with a foreign government to harm the negotiating position of their own country, in an attempt to ensure the weak bluff barely attempted by Treason May would be called out immediately, to create a helplessness that meant we just accepted the surrender terms offered in the grotesquely-misnamed Withdrawal Agreement.

Our media have become Effie Trinket – the clownish propagandists awkwardly delivering the lies that we are supposed to believe, barely believing them herself, but so transparently desperate to retain her seat on the gravy train that she is willing to tell any lie and breach any obligation to the truth, endlessly whoring herself to the privileged elites that look to grind people into dust.

As that failed and the Brexit Party support surged, they have become more desperate yet.
We are now on the brink of tragifarce, where the comedic becomes the tragic as the desperation to maintain the facade generates ever more deluded behaviour – the pitch of the denials rising as the legacy media deny and deflect all accusations of bias, like a man who lost his job a long time ago and has deceived his family by leaving the house each morning in his suit carrying his briefcase, only to then sit in the park staring at the ducks and hoping something will come along to save him.

Well, the facade is cracking and the legacy media viewing figures are telling us that soon they will be sitting alone in their studios, weeping uncontrollably at the loss of all their influence, as they shriek their accusations into the echoing silence of the almost-deserted studio.

Will the last person to abandon the legacy media remember to turn out the lights?

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3 years ago

with the media grovelling to any progressive, the more totalitarian the better in Oz, cant come soon enough

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