4 years after the referendum: was Brexit the better choice?

With an ever-widening chasm between member states and economic disaster on the horizon, it has become increasingly clear that Brexit is now an unavoidable...

Why Italy Should Leave The Euro

We here in Britain were lucky - Gordon Brown was Chancellor. OK, well, not lucky exactly, not in totality, as he screwed large parts...

There’s A Point At Which Your Horse Gets Buggered Michel

Michel Barnier is of course entirely correct here, despite the headline: Barnier: UK ‘Cannot’ Refuse to Extend Transition If It Will Not Submit to EU...

Coronavirus Might Break The Eurozone – Good

Another of those insistences that one should never let a crisis go to waste. Here the coronavirus is being used to push the next...

It’s Chlorine Washed Chicken Time!

Or, according to Michel Barnier, it isn't chlorine washed chicken time again. For the insistence is that we'll not use, post-Brexit, such processes. Or,...

Guess Wages Will Just Have To Rise After Brexit

Employers are complaining that without badly paid immigrant labour they'll just not be able to get the staff. The answer to which is that...

The European Union: Like A Boat Full Of Retards

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a great film about the vicious implacability of the State – if you haven't seen it then...

Why I Left The EU

From our Swindon correspondent: A personal post, but I think this sums up my pragmatic reasons for leaving. The EEC might have made sense at...


See image above Or: We might even say Thanks for all the fish - assuming we do keep them.

And The Beeeeells Are Riiinging Oooout Foorr Brexit

Ah, yes, that's right, they'll not be ringing at 11 pm tonight, will they? Sour losers and all that. However, the following is still...