Poppy Noor Really Needs To Understand Her Own Species

There’s much to admire about Poppy Noor’s backstory. Rather less about her current state of wisdom. For here we’ve yet another of those demands that humans stop being homo sapiens sapiens.

The desirability of short men isn’t something social, something created by the patriarchy. It’s something baked into the genetics which make us the species we are. We can even prove this.

If the problem with toxic masculinity is that it idolizes men for all those things that pointlessly connote masculinity without equating to it – violence, machismo, confidence – then why not consider height in this equation?

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Stephen King’s Entirely Right About Art And Diversity

The modern world doesn’t like people stating clear and obvious truths:

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But Male And Female Haircuts Are Different Things

Sure, some women do indeed take haircuts that are similar to male. But the vast majority don’t, which rather neatly explains why female haircuts cost a different amount from male.

One pretty obvious note to make is that the distaff stuff takes longer – and the labourer is worthy of their hire, no?

The vast gulf between haircut pricing for men and women is unjust. I live on a London street with a number of hairdressers and barbers.

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Modern Feminism In A Nutshell

This is not, despite appearances, me being unkind:

My allergic reaction is not to any one film, but to an entire creative sector that has so utterly failed not only to admit women as equals, and to reflect and represent our experiences, but even on the most basic level to acknowledge us as human beings with a valid perspective – as the #MeToo scandal made abundantly clear. In this respect, film has much to learn from publishing.

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Apparently, Peloton is French for Rorschach Test

From our American Correspondent:

If you watch much TV you’ve seen the commercial where a man gets his wife-or-live-in-girlfriend a Peloton as a surprise gift (if not, go click on it and come back). While there are a few things about the commercial that I found curious, the really interesting part is the controversy it has stoked.

When the woman opens her eyes and the gift is revealed her reaction is enigmatic, and this is where the fun starts.…

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No, not really love

Johnson’s casual misogyny has kept women out of the election campaign
Zoe Williams

Rather more to do with people despising Jo Swinson perhaps?

Further – there were four major parties in this election, Tory, Labour, LibDem, SNP. Two of which were led by women. This is hardly keeping women out now, is it?

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Gender Equality At Wikipedia – Who Cares?

Well, clearly, some of the people who run Wikipedia care but the more interesting question is should anyone care? The answer is, no, it matters not the tiniest jot the gender – or sex – of those who write Wikipedia. The reason being contained within the very logic that is being used here:

But, admits Katherine Maher – who has headed up the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit that runs Wikipedia) since early 2016 – the strategy suffers one major flaw: women have been pitifully slow to join the party.

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Apple’s Credit Card Should Be Sexist

The artificial intelligence that runs Apple’s new credit card – in association with Goldman Sachs – is apparently sexist. Good, it should be.

For the point about AIs, ‘bots and all the rest is that they’re an attempt to describe the world around us. That’s the only way they’re useful or effective, that they illuminate something of the reality surrounding us.

For example, should – just to pick an example – Burmese children be stunted through malnutrition?…

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The Matildas – An Equal Pay Deal We Can Get Behind

No, get your minds out of the gutter, not that sort of behind. This isn’t beach volleyball after all, this is soccer. The Matildas, the Australian women’s soccer team, have just struck an equal pay deal. They’ll be getting the same deal as the Socceroos that is, the men’s team. Which is excellent, of course it is:

Football Federation Australia and Professional Footballers Australia have detailed a landmark collective bargaining agreement that closes the pay gap between Australia’s national teams, the Socceroos and Matildas.

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They So Desperately Want To Believe In Female Viking Warriors

History isn’t, it is. That is, we never do get a retailing of what happened, we get a projection of our current concerns onto those of the past. As here with the existence of female Viking warriors.

Sure, no doubt some existed. Nelson’s navy had recorded examples of women who went to sea and fought as men. Sir Pterry’s Monstrous Regiment is an extended – and very good – riff off the true stories of women who joined the colours for this and that reason.…

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