The NHS Is Ignoring Fathers As Parents

This is the complaint being made, that the National Health Service doesn’t particularly think about fathers any more, preferring pap like “birthing partner” instead. This is something which can indeed be blamed upon political correctness and there’s a certain amusement to it all. There’s also a rather deeper underlying point, the way in which modern civilisation, for better or worse, has rather changed human relationships. You know, Marx all over again, technology determines social relationships.…

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Teacher Fired For Being Impolite – Using Wrong Pronoun With Trans Student

There are ways of dealing with such things as impolite people and firing them probably isn’t one of them. Of course, an employer can – or at least should be able to – hire and or fire anyone they like. But still, to fire someone because they use the wrong pronoun might seem just a little extreme.

A Virginia high school teacher was fired for transgender discrimination on Thursday after he refused to use a student’s preferred pronoun, officials said.

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Dear Lord This Is Stupid – IMF’s Christine Lagarde On Gender Diversity

It’s something between horrifying and delightful to see such a glorious missing of the point in this missive from Christine Lagarde concerning the gender diversity of the workforce. Horrifying that it has been missed, delightful to find that we’re ruled by those quite so blind – for it means that we can dismiss much else of what they say where we’re merely unsure if they’re wrong.

So, what she’s saying is that in many of the usual measures we can see that having a gender diverse workforce increases production for the same total labour input.

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Yes, The Gender Pay Gap Is The Motherhood Penalty

We’re really zeroing in on the proof that the gender pay gap is only and simply a motherhood penalty. Since, with modern technology, motherhood is a choice, should anything therefore be done about it? Don’t we think it’s just fine if people have different outcomes from their different choices?

The role of parenthood on the gender gap among top earners
Aline Bütikofer, Sissel Jensen, Kjell G. Salvanes 29 November 2018

A recent literature argues that a ‘motherhood penalty’ is a main contributor to the persistent gender wage gap in the upper part of the earnings distribution.…

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Annals Of Stupidity – Gender Pay Gap Is Really 51% Edition

Given that women who do the same job as men, in the same company as their male brethren, earn within 1% of what the men do, we might think that we’ve solved the gender pay gap. Because people doing the same job in the same place get the same pay. As this reality – and legal requirement – has sunk in we’ve had ever greater stretches to find something to whine about.

This is as with poverty of course.…

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The Gender Bias In Homicide – Is It Really Women Who Need The Protection?

The United Nations has decided to honour us with the global statistics for murder and intentional homicide. They’ve also decided that we must do something about this which seems reasonable enough. It’s the conclusion they draw from the numbers which seems a bit odd tho‘:

Research published by the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) found that of the approximately 87,000 women and girls intentionally killed in 2017, about 58 percent died at the hands of someone who was either an “intimate partner” or a relative.…

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This Didn’t Take Long – Julie Bindel Against Juries In Rape Cases

We pointed out last week that some are against the use of juries in rape trials – now, here’s Julie Bindel to tell us that juries shouldn’t be used in rape trials. No, we’re not prophetic, we just know how some minds don’t work. Bindel’s complaint is essentially that juries don’t accord with her prejudices about rape. Which is the point of juries of course, that they don’t accord with Bindel’s prejudices. Nor mine, not yours either.…

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What Is It With Men And Sheds? The Feminsation Of The Household, Of Course

Yes, obviously, this is standard column writing. To pick up on one little aspect, absurdity, of life and then weave a few jokes around the question “Whassupherethen?” The trick of such column writing being not to do it where the question of what’s up here then has an entirely obvious answer. Why is it that men have this fascination with sheds? Because the feminsation of the household means they no longer actually have any male space left inside that household.…

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How Disgusting, Justice Coming To Campus Sex Trials Via Betsy DeVos

This is distinctly shocking, Betsy DeVos is pushing through rules that will have actual justice, civil liberty, involved with the investigation of sexual allegations on campus. This wasn’t the point at all of all that work done so diligently over the decades. If actual evidence must be presented, if examination of it and witnesses is permissible, then how can political judgements be delivered? Won’t we have to start deciding things upon facts again?

On Friday, following months of anticipation, DeVos released her proposal for how cases of sexual assault and misconduct should be handled, noting that “every survivor of sexual violence must be taken seriously, and every student accused of sexual misconduct must know that guilt is not predetermined.”

While a 60-day public comment period is now in effect before the plan can be finalized, advocates for sexual assault survivors say they’re worried that the guidelines would actually make campuses more dangerous, deter victims from coming forward and put them in traumatizing scenarios.…

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No, Really, Blokes And Birds Are Different In The Way They Think

Men and women are indeed entirely equal – we’re all God’s little snowflakes an the law must treat us that way. That does not mean that we’re all the same. Fortunately we’ve yet another piece of scientific evidence to point to here. Men and women do, on average an across the population, seem to think in slightly different ways and have different interests and propensities. Do note that this means nothing at all about any individual, we are talking about probabilities related to gender concerning position along a spectrum.

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