Who Knew? The Household Is The Fundamental Human Economic Unit

Men and women – often enough that this determines the statistics – share work, household responsibilities and incomes. Longer commutes by men lead to shorter ones by women in the same households for example. The higher and lower incomes from that access or not to larger employment markets also seeming to offset each other.

Really, who knew? That the basic economic unit is the household?

Commuting time and family labour supply decisions
Francesca Carta, Marta De Philippis 11 November 2018

Commuting time has been regarded mainly as affecting labour supply decisions at the individual level.…

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For Equal Pay Day – There Is No Gender Pay Gap

We have Equal Pay Day – the day upon which women don’t earn any more money for the year given the gender pay gap – and the basic truth we’ve got to point out to the shrieking harridans is that there is no gender pay gap. There are differences – on average of course, across the population – in how men and women choose to live their lives. This means that some gain more, some less, along certain axes, it also means that some gain more, some less, along different axes by which we might judge income, wealth, life and utility.…

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Man Sues To Define As 20 Years Younger – One Of The World’s Great Pisstakes

A Dutch man insists that the government should change his recorded age. He is, chronologically, 69 years old. But he feels and self defines as being only 49 and even has a doctor’s letter stating that he’s more around and about that age physically. Thus the government should issue him with a different age document. This will increase his success on Tinder as his recorded age will more closely align with how he really is and feels.…

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Jenni Murray’s Got A Point On Trans – Whatever Oxford Students Think

The crisis of the day on the gender wars front is that Dame Jenni Murray won’t be speaking at Oxford. The reason being that certain students think she’s wrong on a minor detail of the disagreements about trans people. That idea that perhaps people you disagree with should be listened to, debated, not having occurred to the students which is a bit of a pity. That rather being the point of university, to gain knowledge from others.…

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The Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Rumpus Is To Misunderstand The British

So, some likely lad has tried selling a Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner costume for Halloween. A fair enough essay onto the seas of capitalism you might think. Except that is to miss the po faced smugs at the likes of Stonewall. Sure, they’ve that equal free market right to complain about anything they want – the interesting bit being how may of the rest of us agree with them. Expecting anyone very much to be worried about this mock taking is to grievously misunderstand we British.…

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Orban Hasn’t Banned Gender Studies – Hungary Just Won’t Pay

This seems a fair enough move to me. Not necessarily the specific decision – although that’s joyous of course – but the underlying principle. If the State funds teaching and research then the State gets to decide which subjects are taught and researched. We don’t have programs looking into the milk based cheesiness of the Moon. You don’t have a claim on the tax paid by others if you wish to study Klingon. And rightly so.…

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There Is No British Gender Pay Gap – Not Really

Whether or not there is a gender pay gap – women being paid less than men – depends upon our terms of reference. Women do, on average, receive less money in their wage packets than men. That is not, by any means, the end of the story.

For example, it could be that women generally work fewer hours than men. Something which would show up when we compared weekly pay to hourly. And women generally do and this does show up.…

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Cognitive Dissonance – The BBC Is 11% LGBT. The BBC Is Heteronormative

Cognitive dissonance is when someone manages to believe contradictory things. Sure, we all do it, it’s entirely human, helps us all get through the day. But we should still call it out when we see it.

As here at the BBC. They themselves tell us that the workforce is 11% LGBT, the more senior ranks 12% such. Great, excellent and who would be worried about that? But then they go on to insist that there’s a heteronormative culture at the BBC.…

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I’m So Moving

Well, it looks like progressives have failed to prevent Brett Kavanaugh making it onto the Supreme Court, but it’s been fascinating to watch the Left’s desperate attempts.

But now we know that the young women that accosted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator were not merely victims of sexual assault, but actually paid activists, with George Soros standing behind them, what are we to make of their powerful performances?

We’ve all been watching movies for decades – we’ve had a lot of training in how to spot bad acting, and these women weren’t it.…

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