Rod Liddle’s Heinous Hate Crime


The world is obviously free of anything important for the police to do – you know, arresting old age pensioners who kill off burglars and the like – for they’ve time to investigate Rod Liddle for a hate crime. An entirely heinous one of course, being beastly to the Welsh. To be honest I have some sympathy with the idea that we should stop people being beastly to them, they do after all already labour under the distinct disadvantage of being Welsh, in Wales of all places. But still not sure that making snide remarks should be a hate crime, really not sure:

Arfon Jones, the elected £70,000-a-year commissioner for North Wales, said he had been ‘inundated’ by complaints about Rod Liddle’s description of the Second Severn Crossing as ‘linking their rain-sodden valleys with the First World’

After it emerged both complaints were likely to be rejected, he even suggested new laws were needed to make insulting the Welsh illegal.

It would be a sad day when the constituent peoples of these isles were unable to insult each other. For if we English cannot make jokes about the Welsh then presumably they can’t call us the effete ponces we do generally get called, The Scots can no longer rail about the unfairness of our behaviour at either Battle of Alnwick – you know, cheating by winning – and the Irish can no longer mock us for our underconsumption of potatoes. Or more locally, the rest of us can no longer call the Scouse the accused when in a suit, nor wonder where all the brain cells have gone in Dorset.

For here is Liddle’s supposed hate crime in all its glory:

Anyone for bridge?
The Welsh, or some of them, are moaning that a motorway bridge linking their rain-sodden valleys with the First World is to be renamed the Prince of Wales Bridge. In honour of the venal, grasping, deranged (if Tom Bower’s new biography is accurate) heir to the throne. That Plaid Cymru woman who is always on Question Time has been leading the protests. They would prefer it to be called something indecipherable with no real vowels, such as Ysgythysgymlngwchgwch Bryggy.

Let them have their way. So long as it allows people to get out of the place pronto, should we worry about what it’s called?

It’s not even a novel joke, we West Country folk have been noting that you pay a toll to enter the place, not leave, for generations now. A tax to enter, not to leave, a mistake for of course much more could be raised in revenue the other way around.

But, you know, obviously there’s no other crime worthy of mention in Wales these days so perhaps attention should be paid here. Maybe tastes have altered given that broadband and porn are now available and the sheep are safe for a change?