Serve Two Years For Rape, Conviction Overturned, No Compensation

One of the pities about increasing maturity is that old predictions of how society is going to the dogs become true. Or rather, one is around to see one’s predictions come true. Gratifying to the ego as it is to be proven right there’s a definite preference for not having to see it.

At which point, the man jailed for rape for two years. Then conviction overturned. OK, so, he served two years and he shouldn’t have served two years.…

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Zimbabwe’s Not Compensating Farmers For Land – Only For Improvements

Not that we ever expected those white farmers to receive proper and fully legal compensation for the land that was confiscated under Mugabe. But this current process is being touted as being compensation to those farmers when it’s only a very faint shadow of what is due. Sure, the Zimbabwean Government doesn’t have any money but that’s rather their own fault, it’s in large part due to their own stupidity – OK, Mugabe’s such – in throwing those white farmers off that land.…

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Tax Frozen Libyan Assets To Compensate IRA Victims? Nope, No Way

There’s a suggestion that we should be using the tax collected upon frozen Libyan assets to compensate victims of IRA attacks. Attacks made, so it is said, by the Libyan provision of funding and weapons to the IRA, the thing which led to the freezing of the assets. To which the answer is No. And also nope and no way.

The point here being that whether or not there should be compensation is one question. Whether or not there is taxation of those frozen assets is another.…

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Boeing’s Problem Isn’t 737 Max Crash Victims But Companies

This of course sounds rather cruel to have to point out but Boeing’s financial problem isn’t with those who died on those two crashes of the 737 Max. Direct losses and compensation like that are limited by the Warsaw Convention for a start.

The big problem is going to be airlines, who can’t use their 737s while all this investigating and working out goes on. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere:

That Boeing (NYSE:BA) has a problem with the 737 Max is obvious enough.

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A Foul Decision – 24 Years In Jail, Found Innocent, But No Compensation

That this decision is right in law may be true but if it is then it’s just further proof that the law is an ass – two guys who together served 24 years in jail, were found innocent, have been denied compensation. On the entirely foul grounds that evidence which showed their convictions were unsound isn’t enough as proof that they should be compensated.

Sorry, that’s wrong. The law here is wrong.

Two men who between them spent 24 years in prison before their convictions were overturned are not entitled to compensation, judges have ruled.

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Goodhart’s Law Applies To Economies, To Everything – Why Not Scheduled Airline Flight Times?

Which Magazine has stumbled across one of those “Yeah, Well?” things in its analysis of airline scheduled flight times. They’ve found that what the companies tell us will be the time taken to destination is longer now than it was a few decades back. There are two levels to the “Well?” part. The first being, well, fuel is more expensive so what do you expect? What do you actually want them to do? The second is Goodhart’s Law.…

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Councils Pay Out £2.1 Million For Pavement Accidents – It’s Cheaper Than Fixing Them

Local councils groan under the weight of a legal burden, that they are responsible for the pavements around town. If people fall over or trip because of bad maintenance the council has to cough up the compo as a result of that legal duty. So, obviously, they do:

Pedestrians were awarded at least £2.1m in compensation after tripping on pavements in the past year, research has revealed.

The AA found that 10,572 people made claims against local councils, but only 859 – just 8% – were successful.

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The NHS Hasn’t Paid £19 Million In Compensation

A story that near all of the papers seem to have this morning – that the NHS has paid £19 million in compensation for brain damaging a kid. This isn’t so, they’ve not paid that much in compensation at all. What they have done is cough up the cost of treatment for her for the rest of her life. It’s not what we all would understand as “compensation.” It isn’t “Sorry, we screwed up your life, here’s some money to make up for it” at all.…

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