The Lesbian Deported For Ugandan Discussions With A Man

This story is just quite lovely, so many levels to it. There is, obviously enough, the Private Eye fnarr fnarr over Ugandan discussions:

A lesbian asylum seeker kicked out of the UK because she was caught in bed with a man

Said lesbian originating from Uganda of course.

And yes, that particular joke does go one stage further:

In his judgment, Mr Justice Lewis recorded that the woman’s response to questioning over her relationship with the man was that they had not had sex but that she was considering getting pregnant.

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US Deports Widower Of Slain Soldier – Some Want Government To Have More Power

ICE, the part of the US Government concerned with such things, deported the widow of a slain soldier. Could be just par for the course perhaps, depends upon who she was fighting for. Well, that would be for the US, in the US Army. There is something to marvel at here.

No, not the action itself, mistakes will happen. No, not the reversal – a just and righteous reversal – of the decision. The wonderment is that there are those out there insisting that this very US government should be given much more power, should carry responsibility for many more things.…

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