Extinction Rebellion Courts 5 Year Jail Sentences By Closing Heathrow For 10 Days

Internal planning documents at Extinction Rebellion show that they’re thinking of trying to close Heathrow for 10 days this summer with the use of drones. The penalty for this sort of thing is, upon conviction, 5 years prison time. If they do it they should indeed be accorded that maximum sentence. And, given the way that “conspiracy to” laws work, so should all who aid them.

Because civil disorder is indeed an important thing.

Yes, it’s possible to argue that we shouldn’t be jailing those who would save us from civilisation and the climate change it causes.…

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Easyjet’s £15 Million Cost From Gatwick Drone Chaos

Easyjet has announced that it’ll be taking a £15 million hit from that Gatwick drone chaos – rather than a direct hit from the drone of course. There’s a fun little observation we can make here, one concerning the economics of an airline. Quite clearly Easyjet wouldn’t have made a £15 million profit if there hadn’t been that chaos. Or rather, those few days at Gatwick wouldn’t have made them that sum in profit.

Actually, they’re not even saying that revenue would have been that much.…

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Facepalm – Police Admit Gatwick Drones Could Have Been Police Surveillance Drones

The police have now admitted that at least some of the sightings of drones at Gatwick – you know, the stuff that closed the airport for a day and more – could have been of the police’s own surveillance drones. It’s possible to wonder whether Plod should be allowed technology more advanced than a whistle and a truncheon really – tho’ even then they’d be able to grasp the wrong end of that, no?

This is after their earlier admission that perhaps there weren’t any drones at all, it could all have been an outbreak of mass hysteria and visions.…

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Getting Around Town


I’ll go out on a limb and predict that passenger-carrying drones will be in commercial use before driverless cars. Now, driverless cars will almost certainly be ferrying passengers from parking lots to theme parks, from railroad stations to metro stations, etc. in the very near future. Driverless mini-buses will be amongst us very soon. But as far as point to point transportation of individuals, drones will beat the driverless car.

Autonomous land vehicles have to understand quite a few difficult things.…

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