Clearly, We Should Abolish State Schools

The logical outcome of this finding is that we should abolish state schools altogether and everyone should go to private schools.

For we do, righteously, desire that people earn more. We want the country and the people in it to be richer. So, we find that private schooling leads to higher wages therefore all should have private schooling.

Private school pupils earn 10 per cent more by the time they are 25 even if they do not have better grades than their state educated peers, a study has found.

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The Great Brexit Schools Disaster

Apparently the education system is going to fall apart the moment that we’re not led on the international stage by Ursulie von der Lyin’:

Schools may have to close, exams could be disrupted and fresh food for pupils’ meals could run short because of panic buying with prices soaring by up to 20%, according to a secret Department for Education analysis of the risks of a no-deal Brexit obtained by the Observer. The five-page document – marked “Official Sensitive” and with the instruction “Do Not Circulate” – also raises the possibility of teacher absences caused by travel disruption, citing schools in Kent as particularly at risk.

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What A Weird Left Wing Complaint – The Rich Pay For Stuff

There are times when arguing with the British left is like handling a truculent teenager = which most of them are of course even if not necessarily in years. You try logic, facts, reality, end up with just a huff, a stamped foot and a cry of “But it isn’t fair!”

Still, we can try a little bit of logic on this particular complaint from Aditya Chakrabortty. Now, do remember, this bloke writes The Guardian’s economic leaders.…

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SATS Good, Teachers Bad (Or It Might Be Genetic)

Quite often the conclusions we draw from a data set are biased towards what we want them to be, hence the Guardian arguing SATS are irrelevant in pupil testing – which they might well be since their primary purpose is as an evaluation of how good the teacher is.

But it is quite fun to take the underlying result and propose some alternatives that might produce the same outcome. Here some of the fundamentals from the source are these:

Teacher assessments of achievement are as reliable … as test scores at every stage of the educational experience.

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If Only The Multi-Cultis Understood The Cultis They’re Advocating

There’s a movement insisting that the university curriculums must be decolonised. This is idiocy.The UK has more foreign students than anywhere other than perhaps the US. The reason all those not-British peeps are coming here for an education is because they desire the British education. The very success at recruiting Johnny Foreigner shows that we don’t need – nor want – to have a more Johnny Foreigner friendly syllabus. Because what is it they’re coming here for?…

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People Who Can Read Indulge In Less Political Violence

This paper explains why the revolutionary left have made such an effort to control the schools systems in the UK. By imposing whole word and other phantastical schemes upon children they can increase the level of political violence and thereby bring on the day of revolution. Well, there’s no other logical reason for their stupidities, is there?

Books not bullets
Dominic Rohner, Alessandro Saia 05 May 2019

It is widely believed that education is a crucial factor in curbing political violence, but establishing causal evidence of this notoriously difficult.…

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TEACH Grants, Loans And Why The Hell Do People Want The Government To Do More?

An interesting little example of how government actually works here. No, not a story of how it should work. Nor of how we’ll all be sniffing unicorn farts if only the bureaucrats got to run more of our lives. Instead, the reality of how allowing the technocrats power actually works out.

The US Government has an unobjectionable little program to encourage people to become teachers. Their student loans become instead a grant if they agree to go teach in a low income public school for 4 years.…

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Higher Teacher Salaries Only Work If You Change Who The Teachers Are

An interesting finding here. Sure, higher teacher salaries work. But not by paying the people currently teaching more so that they devote more effort, have fewer extracurricular work, all that. It’s by attracting higher quality entrants into the system. Thus higher teacher salaries can indeed benefit child education, but only if we do it by the one method that the teaching unions are never going to allow – paying new entrants more and not extant teachers:

What other countries can teach the US about raising teacher pay

Teacher strikes swept the United States in 2018, from West Virginia to Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and beyond.…

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All That US Help To Poor Kids In School Makes No Difference At All

At least, no great difference in the gap between poor kids and richer kids in achievements at school. Which is something of a pity because the US does spend a fortune on these things. Might even be better to entirely fire the whole educational structure and use the money saved to just give poor people more money:

US achievement gaps hold steady in the face of substantial policy initiatives
Eric Hanushek, Paul Peterson, Laura M.…

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Do You Know More Science Than The Average American? Take The Test

Sure, obviously, the answer is yes. But how much more? The discussion of the results is here. The test is here.

And to the real point of this:

Average score: 6.7 correct answers of out 11 (61% correct), which is very interesting (concerning?) given that the quiz is really pretty easy. Publik skools? Average Score for Men: 7.4 (67.3%) Average Score for Women: 6.0 (54.5%) Average Score for Whites: 7.6 (69.1%) Average Score for Hispanics: 5.1 (46.4%) Average Score for Blacks: 3.7 (33.6%)

Dear God Almighty, what has happened to Blacks there?…

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