The European Union Is Imperial Preference

The Observer tells us that we might look back into history to understand some things about the current day. Which, of course, is useful. For example, don’t let the government run the economy for fear of replicating East Germany circa 1989, or Venezuela today. Don’t buy into the back to the land as happy peasantry movement for fear of Pol Pot’s example.

Or, perhaps closer to today’s major concern, Brexit, we might consider the Corn Laws.…

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The Government Providing Free Tampons For All Would Be Lunacy

That all women should – do – have access to menstrual products is one of those things which happily marks out a rich and liberal society. Worth perhaps pointing out that not access to such is the mark of either a poor one or, as Solzhenitsyn complains bitterly in Gulag Archipelago, a socialist and planned one. It also seems fair enough that schools might have a box or two of something for those who forget, that hospitals stock as they do toilet paper.…

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If AO World Is Facing Such Problems, Isn’t This A Free Market?

As we all know a pure free market does not exist and never has existed. The question then becomes, well, is that pure free market a useful model for understanding what happens in those necessarily impure ones? Opinions differ here. The Senior Lecturer at Islington Technical College thinks that market imperfections are such that all must be in the state, all of the state and nothing against the state. Steve Keen insists that the failure of the purest of pure models means that all must be treated as oligopolisitc competition – amazingly, something which demands that his friends in the state get to decide things.…

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Our Leaders Are Our Jailers

For two hundred years, people of all nations, creeds and colours flocked to America to pursue the American Dream.

The stellar achievements of the United States of America were testament to the power of unity and the benefits of a multiracial society.

A multiracial society.

It will probably never be known exactly which generation of leaders first became concerned that the people needed less governing, but become concerned they clearly did.

Just as God Himself saw the achievements of unified mankind and sundered them by tongue at the Tower of Babel, so the modern-day Masters of the Universe decide to sunder the people by culture.…

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Free Tit Jobs In Tamil Nadu – Why Not, Votes Can Be Bought

A fairly rumbustious approach to this story from southern India, the state of Tamil Nadu will now offer free breast surgery to women who desire it. With, of course, a special emphasis upon the poorer sections of society getting first dibs at the process. yes, of course, sometimes this is a necessary response to some other event, reconstruction after cancer surgery for example. But let’s be honest about it, much of it is indeed simply tit jobs not breast surgery.…

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