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Our Leaders Are Our Jailers

For two hundred years, people of all nations, creeds and colours flocked to America to pursue the American Dream.

The stellar achievements of the United States of America were testament to the power of unity and the benefits of a multiracial society.

A multiracial society.

It will probably never be known exactly which generation of leaders first became concerned that the people needed less governing, but become concerned they clearly did.

Just as God Himself saw the achievements of unified mankind and sundered them by tongue at the Tower of Babel, so the modern-day Masters of the Universe decide to sunder the people by culture.

Out went the idea of a single culture, to unify the races enough for them to live alongside each other.

In came the idea of multiple cultures, to keep them divided. Living apart.

A multicultural society.

And so the crucible in which all men and women were melted together was broken.

Today, the American Dream has become the American Nightmare – a broken society, riven by divisions and conflict, where men and women whose parents and grandparents once co-operated in pursuit of a single unifying Vision and took that dream to the Moon and back, now march against even trivial slights delivered to them by their peers.

And the Masters of the Universe look on, much pleased with their work.

For while we remain divided by culture and politics, they remain in charge – the parental force that we paradoxically require as a result of their presence.

Unless we understand the nature of the deceptions that are played upon us, we will remain divided and malleable.

A multiracial society is a blessing. A multicultural society is a curse.

So in defiance of their attempts to keep us eternally divided, we must resurrect the only force capable of defeating them.

A culture with sufficient nobility, kindness and resilience to cope with their best efforts to subvert it.

We’d better hurry.

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2 years ago

For a long time in Britain we didn’t have a multicultural society, we had a multi-ethnic society. British people of all sorts of backgrounds came to Britain to be British. At some point things changed, and people came to British and were born in Britain not wanting, and even refusing to be British.

I don’t care what your background is, if you want to be British and you be British, then you are British.

2 years ago

The US and the UK are both committing cultural suicide. After decades of moral relativism, we are so doubtful of their own worth that, even in the trivial but telling case of a man pretending to be a woman and insisting that the law provide validation, recruitment, and equal outcomes, we do not dare to put forward a concept of right and wrong. The very worst example is the U.S. “Diversity Visa” program, where immigrants are selected by lot, on the basis that it is America’s fault that we did not admit enough of your type previously. The resulting races… Read more »

2 years ago

PS — The best example of the author’s thesis is the use of Martin Luther King — whose main message, despite dozens of leftie tangents, was assimilation — by modern-day hucksters advocating separatism.

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