Owen Jones Discovers Something Surprising About Human Sexuality

That the man is well into his 30s before he works this out is a bit of a surprise but there we go, no one’s been accusing Owen Jones of maturity these years. He has just uncovered something about human sexuality:

….and men associate feminine behaviour by men with being gay.

Quite remarkable. Anyone who’s ever been around the nightclub scene of a major city will be shocked, shocked, to find such behaviour going on.…

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Boris’ Tax Plan Reduces Gender Inequality In The System Says Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler tells us all that Boris’ new tax plan will reduce the disgusting gender inequality currently inherent in the system. Currently men carry very much more of the income tax burden than women do. This is clearly an outrage, we should tax on the basis that we are all equal, not disproportionately upon genetic load. Yes, obviously, it’s a little odd to be hearing a Conservative Prime Minister insisting on this greater gender equality but then Boris is as no other, isn’t he?…

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Sexy Piccies Are A Turn On For Both Men And Women

The standard belief is that it’s men, overwhelmingly, who are interested in sexy pictures. This ties in with the general view of male sexuality, more attuned to visual clues than those of status as with women. Hmm, well, collate your prejudices as you have them perhaps. Research now tries to say that this is not so:

Women as likely to be turned on by sexual images as men – study

That is interesting, isn’t it?…

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Steve Hansen’s Right – Domestic Abuse Isn’t Gendered

Steve Hansen, coach of the All Blacks, has got himself into hot water in New Zealand by insisting that domestic abuse isn’t a gendered matter. This has, of course, set off the shrieking harpies who want to insist that it is so! It’s those evil men who harm the women in their lives and only that. Which it isn’t, there are indeed men who suffer domestic abuse.

So, Hansen’s right:

All Blacks coach criticised for saying domestic violence ‘not a gender thing’

The underlying truth of the statement is easy enough to prove.…

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Advertising Regulators Decide To Ban Jokes On British Screens

In another sign of the coming apocalypse – the one where we’re entirely, instead of only partially, run by prodnoses – the advertising standards people have decided to ban jokes. At which point, of course, they can go stick their colei* in a mangle.

The background issue here is that if you show a man as a domestic incompetent then this is sexist and you’re not allowed to do that, it’s gender stereotyping. Bad that is.…

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BBC Feminism Pay Row Kills Entire NHS Career Structure

There’s a very fun little row going on inside the BBC over pay. One woman is claiming that she’s been offered a job – same grade, same responsibilities etc – as a bloke and yet she’s being offered a different amount of money. Lower, obviously. Sexism! Patriarchy!

Management’s answer is that this is her first job at this sort of level, it’s a decent step up for her. The bloke’s been doing this sorta stuff for some years.…

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The Idiocy Of Tech Companies Doubling Female Managers By 2022

There’s odd, there’s silly and then there’re public targets about the gender gap. It is, I’m sorry to have to say, idiocy to be setting targets for how many female managers there are in tech companies. So what in buggery is it that people are doing here?

Tech giants vow to double the number of female managers by 2022

They’re following fashion that’s all. Society has a head of steam up about how appalling it is that the lovely, well paid and comfy jobs atop Big Tech companies – you know, the ones that make dynastic fortunes – are largely held by men.…

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A Man Who Gives Birth Is Not A Man, Sorry, She Isn’t

That there are transexuals and always have been is an obvious statement about the human condition. That one may be of whatever sex it occurs to declare as might be a useful piece of societal politesse but it’s not a reflection of that reality outside the window – as so much of societal politesse is not. Which gives us this lady who has just given birth, a lady who is insisting that she is in fact a man.…

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That Gender Difference In Stem – Even After Controls It’s Still There

Quite why fewer women than men study Stem subjects is a matter of controversy. On the one side it’s the patriarchy, D’oh. On the other it’s that, well, gender based differences in desires and propensities in a sexually dimorphic species, who’s surprised? This paper looks at what we can identify about when it starts. That’s it’s around puberty doesn’t help us decide all that much between the two theories:

It’s not just for boys! Understanding gender differences in STEM
Judith Delaney, Paul Devereux 18 April 2019

Females are much less likely to study STEM degrees at university.…

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Caroline Farrow’s Pronouns Are A Hate Crime – Whatever Happened To Manners About Trans?

It is entirely true that some of these tales grow in the telling. But that we’re even willing to give credence to this story shows how far we’ve come and apparently in the wrong direction. Using the wrong – or the undesired to be more accurate – pronoun is not a hate crime. It’s not even something the police should be involved with in any capacity whatsoever. It is, rather, something that should be policed by the general societal concept of manners – and societal reaction to someone who is not well mannered.…

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