The Idiocy Of Banning First Class Train Carriages

If only there were people capable of joined up, adult, thinking when they decide they’d like to come and rule us. There being two lovely examples here in Germany at present. One is the idea that domestic flights are superfluous – superfluous to whom lady? The second the idea that first class train carriages should be abolished. An act that would mean that any and every expansion of the high speed train network would be ruled uneconomic forever.…

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Deliveroo Exits Germany – FT Alphaville Misses The Point

Deliveroo has decided not to do business in Germany any more. OK – and FT Alphaville starts to worry about the speed with which a modern business can leave a market and country. Rather missing the point of this which is the speed with which a company can leave a country and market:

Any student of emerging markets will tell you that financing a current account deficit with imported capital always seems like a good idea.

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Isn’t That European Arrest Warrant A Lovely Thing – Apart From Being Illegal

Back when one of the things I used to complain about was the European Arrest Warrant. It wasn’t that anyone could just be picked up off the street and shipped away to stand in front of some magistrate elsewhere. It was the basic insistence that all European justice systems were equivalent in their protections of the rights of the accused that irked. This clearly wasn’t and isn’t so – Lordy, most of them don’t even have juries in criminal trials.…

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Of Course Germany Should Keep The Nuclear Plants – What, You Want To Burn Coal?

One of the great idiocies of the environmentalism of our time is the opposition to nuclear power. No, not because nuclear is lovely, or advanced, or that technological white heat. Rather, because we are also told that the biggest problem we face is global warming, Hey, it’s even a climate emergency these days. Actually, it isn’t, it’s at worst a chronic problem we can manage but hey, who wants to stand in the way of the milenarianism bus?…

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History Surprises Again – Germany’s Jews Weren’t Rich Even As The Nazis Plundered

To plunder a particular section of the population is of course vile. It’s not excused by it being successful. But that Germany’s Jews didn’t actually have an excessive, nor even greater, portion of the national wealth is an interesting finding, no?

Fiscal destruction: Confiscatory taxation of Jewish property and income in Nazi Germany
Albrecht Ritschl 30 May 2019

Germany’s Jewish population share in 1933 was less than 1%. Nevertheless, Nazi propa­gan­da believed in the existence of fabulous riches, with some estimates rising as high as 20% of national wealth.…

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Your Cut Out And Keep Kippah – Goyim Solidarity With Jews

This looks like a useful manner of telling the antisemites where to get off. A cut out and keep Kippah to be worn in solidarity. The back ground here is that some fool in Germany announced that in order to reduce the number of antisemitic attacks observant Jews should no longer wear the symbol of their observance. Imagine the outrage if someone said that Muslim women should leave off with the veil in order to – actually, we don’t have to imagine, do we?…

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But Why Try To Overcome Capitalism, The Most Successful Economic System Ever?

A certain puzzlement concerning this argument from one of the more stupid Krauts:

Germany’s main centre-Left party has been rocked after one of its most prominent figures called for the country’s leading brands to be put under collective ownership. Kevin Kühnert, the leader of a Momentum-style grassroots movement in the Social Democratic Party (SPD), said German industrial giants such as BMW and Siemens should be owned jointly by their workers.

“There is nothing wrong with the BMW brand.

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German Unification Was A Product Of British Interference

No, not that one, not 1990 and all that. Rather, the existence of a unified German state at all was the result of British interference. Leading to the interesting thought that the world would be a very different place indeed today if that old patchwork of Duchies and Kingdoms and county palatinates and all the rest had remained. The Reactionary Herald and Feudal Times had a point:

How Britain unified Germany: Endogenous trade costs and the formation of a customs union
Thilo Huning, Nikolaus Wolf 12 April 2019

Nation state borders are not above contention, and have shifted often in even the medium term due to both political and economic disputes.…

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Germany Won’t Extradite Germans Post-Brexit – Affecting Two People. Yes, 2.

So we’re told at least, that Germany will stop extraditing German citizens to face the music in Britain post-Brexit. This seems reasonable enough as the method used at present is the European Arrest Warrant, something which is a European Union abomination.

There are, of course, other methods of extradition than the EAW but often enough a country insists that it won’t extradite one of its own through those other systems. The EAW states that it must.…

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We gaze out on the world from our window and see the hold-up. No, not that kind. The kind that gets us economists all hot under the bonnet. No, and it’s not what you’re thinking. Clean your mind.

It’s this that grabbed our attention:

Audi’s Hungarian workers end one-week strike

A headline from Automotive News Europe. As you can see, we’re nothing if not eclectic here in our reading habits at the Continental Telegraph.


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